soru x the fashion bug blog
With rainbow-coloured gems, sparkling stars and iridescent pearls a plenty, The Fashion Bug Blog x Soru Jewellery's exclusive to Fenwick collection will add a healthy dose of sparkle to all your summer ensembles.
When perfecting an ensemble, do you ever encounter that feeling that something’s missing? You’ve co-ordinated a [dress](, shoes and [handbag]( with precision, but can’t quite put your finger on where that extra pinch of pizzazz is lacking. That is, until remembering your faithful [jewellery]( stash. But – and we like to use this as the answer to all of life's major questions – if you’re going to do it right, do it right. By which we mean, ‘Give 'em the old Razzle Dazzle’ as Richard Gere taught us in Chicago, and embellish yourself with a healthy dose of sparkle. Because why not? When it comes to bedazzling jewels– none do it better than [Soru]( And, their lastest collaboration with The Fashion Bug Blog’s, Laura Willis, features an exciting roster of rainbow-coloured gems, sparkling stars and iridescent pearl pieces, so you certainly won’t be short of glitz. Exclusive to Fenwick, the second iteration between the stylish influencer and instagram's favourite brand, is an embodiment of Laura's bold, playful style. With [statement earrings]( and dainty trinkets a plenty, you're going to want to snap up the whole thing. So (because you're such a gem) we thought we'd show off a few of our favourites...
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Rocket your look into the stratosphere with this shooting star hair slide. It's pastel rainbow palette can be styled with many an ensemble. Plus, it'll keep any fly-away strays at bay whilst giving you cool-girl style points.

The Fashion Bug Blog x Soru Rainbow Hair Clip, £85

Pearly Queen

If your preference is for paired-back accessories, classic pearl pieces, like this dreamy hair clip, are a fine alternative. From brides to bridesmaids, or wedding party guests, it was simply made for weddings - or just for a Monday, your choice.

The Fashion Bug Blog x Soru Pearl Party Hair Clip, £110

Colour Me Happy

Up the ante and inject some fun with these striking rainbow hoops, ideal for frolicking with friends or for making a statement at a formal affair. The best part? They go with everything. You're welcome!

The Fashion Bug Blog x Soru Rainbow Hoop Earrings, £145

Lucky Star

Catch a falling star and put it… on your wrist laid on top a dainty bracelet. Add a touch of sparkle to the every day with this sweet and simple piece, that'll also work well as a pretty little something to accompany glamorous ensembles.

The Fashion Bug Blog x Soru Rainbow Bracelet, £75

One Love

And what could be better than dazzling rainbow gems? Heart-shaped rainbow gems of course! Feel the love with these attention grabbing bejewelled beauties. We know, earrings have never looked so good. Go on, treat yourself!

The Fashion Bug Blog x Soru Rainbow Love Heart Earrings, £165

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