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Make your slumber a stylish one with our top sleepwear and loungewear picks - from Olivia Von Halle's luxurious silk pyjamas to comfortable seperates from Calvin Klein, and indulgent beauty from This Work's and Neom, designed to give you the perfect night's sleep.
With the weather beginning to change and evenings getting shorter, we're starting to think about cosy nights in snuggled on the sofa in our PJs. To make sure you're looking as stylish by night as you are by day, we've rounded up our most luxurious loungewear and sleepwear in-store, plus a few indulgent beauty products designed to give you the perfect night's sleep. Choosing comfortable pyjamas is an important part of getting a great night's sleep. Breathable fabrics like these lightweight jersey robes from [Cyberjammies](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/brands/cyberjammies) and [Esprit](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/brands/esprit), or a cute cotton pyjama set, are a must-have to keep you feeling snug. Or make your slumber super stylish with a luxurious chemise from lingerie brands [Wacoal](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/search/?cgid=wacoal) and [Freya](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/brands/freya), or an opulent silk pyjama set from [Olivia Von Halle](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/search/?cgid=oliviaVonHalle). Whilst you're updating your sleepwear, why not top up your loungewear collection for lazy days at home. From soft seperates to slouchy t-shirts, take a look at our favourite finds from brands including [Calvin Klein](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/search/?cgid=calvinKlein), [Emporio Armani](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/search/?cgid=emporioArmani) and [Tommy Hilfiger](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/search/?cgid=tommyHilfiger). Finally, complete your bedtime routine and ensure you drift off in an instant with the ambient scents of [This Works](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/search/?cgid=thisWorks) indulgent Sleep Spray or a relaxing Pillow Mist from [NEOM](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/brands/neom).
olivia von halle queenie kiko silk robe
Olivia Von Halle Queenie Kiko Silk Robe, £750
wacoal lace affair rose dust angel wing chemise
Wacoal Lace Affair Rose Dust Angel Wing Chemise, £54
olivia von halle lila akimoto long silk pyjamas
Olivia Von Halle Lila Akimoto Long Silk Pyjamas, £395
cyberjammies sienna robe
Cyberjammies Sienna Robe, £38
derek rose blue pyjama set
Derek Rose Blue Pyjama Set, £165
cyberjammies georgia chemise
Cyberjammies Georgia Chemise, £30
olivia von halle millicent lila kiko pyjamas
Olivia Von Halle Millicent Lila Kiko Silk Printed Pyjama Set, £395
Tommy Flat Core Track Pant in Navy
Tommy Flat Core Track Pant in Navy, £56
olivia von halle poppy rina silk nightshirt
Olivia Von Halle Poppy Rina Silk Nightshirt, £340
freya fancies chemise
Freya Fancies Chemise, £30
tommy hilfiger Flat Core Track Pant in pale pink
Tommy Hilfiger Flat Core Track Pant in Pale Pink, £68
Joules Z Snooze Pyjama Bottoms
Joules Z Snooze Pyjama Bottoms, £29.95
calvin klein core plus hoody
Calvin Klein Core Plus Hoody, £65
clavin klein core plus joggers
Calvin Klein Core Plus Joggers, £56
Emporio Armani Lounge T-Shirt, £37
esprit stretch jersey kimono
Esprit Stretch Jersey Kimono, £43
this works sleep spray
This Works Sleep + Pillow Spray, £26
Neom Pillow Mist
NEOM Pillow Mist, £20
REN & Now To Sleep Pillow Mist
REN & Now To Sleep Pillow Mist, £18
inlight night balm
Inlight Night Balm, £53
_Image credit: [@oliviavonhalle](https://www.instagram.com/oliviavonhalle/?hl=en)_