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As purveyors of expertly curated fashion and accessories of modern life, Fenwick seeks out the unusual and curates the exceptional. Inspired by our desire to be different, this season we're celebrating individuality. With that in mind, we'd like you to meet the (extended) family.
As purveyors of expertly curated fashion and accessories for modern life, Fenwick seeks out the unusual and curates the exceptional. Inspired by our desire to be different, this season we’re celebrating individuality. With that in mind, we’d like you to meet the (extended) family. We work closely with some of the leading lights of fashion, food and design - and together they play a big part in making Fenwick so wonderfully unique and brilliantly British. Trailblazers in their fields, we’ve enlisted their help to showcase fashion, accessories and menswear, share their success stories and bring you a series of events, launches and style edits this autumn. Fenwick Heroes, we salute you.
#### Mariana Doyle & Francesca Kelly - Co-Founders and Directors of Soru Jewellery Founded by two English-Sicilian sisters in 2013, [Soru](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/brands/soru-jewellery/women/accessories) creates statement jewellery you can wear every day. The pieces are produced ethically, and hand-crafted in Turkey and Italy using precious stones and gold-plated sterling silver.

What makes Soru truly individual?

"We keep up with current trends, but we only make things we genuinely love and want to wear. We are constantly playing dress-up and designing pieces to go with our next outfit. We love beautiful things and are passionate about creating them ourselves."

How do you give your designs a personal stamp?

"We get inspiration from the Resort collections, from discovering new brands and finding amazing vintage pieces. We also love to look at the history of style. Our designs all share a similar level of intricacy.

We both have quite different styles, but our pieces can accentuate our individual looks. Marianna is more minimal, favouring, say, a white T-shirt layered up with necklaces; Francesca prefers a more glamorous, dressed-up look and, for example, would opt for a big pair of sparkly earrings."

Mariana (left) wears Paige T-shirt, £145 (coming soon online); Eudon Choi skirt, £395 (coming soon online); Soru necklace, £480 and bracelet, £290; Francesca (right) wears Preen dress, £990 (coming soon online); and Soru earrings, £180

#### Vanita Parti - Founder and Director of Blink Brow Bar Since launching her first walk-in threading bar at Fenwick in 2004, Vanita has changed the way women think about beauty. [Blink Brow Bar](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/services/service/?cid=5b60a49e-31ad-48db-8039-20f3dd89ba09) now has over 30 locations across the UK as well as an outpost in New York City.

What does ‘individuality’ mean to you?

"Individuality means having your own sense of style and celebrating it. Putting your own stamp on things. Being brave. Going with your gut, being absolutely confident in what you’re doing and not wavering from it."

How do you infuse your brand with individuality?

"I look at what people want and what the world is doing, then make it work in London. Our first ever chair at Fenwick of Bond Street always feels like home to me."

Is there one service in particular that embodies this?

"Brow pinching – it’s a calming, circulation-improving massage which is totally focused on the brows. It brings a holistic aspect to our treatments, and I came up with the idea while travelling in March. It’s inspired by my Indian heritage. Customers say they love the massage, and while no other brands offer this service, it’s available on all Blink counters."

Vanita wears Momoni shirt, £275; No.21 trousers, £430 and coat, £1,125

#### Arabella Bassadone - Director and Founder of Maison Arabella Leads an architectural interior design studio which capture the attitude of an individual or the essence of an enterprise to articulate a vision.

How do you find your sense of self?

"To ground myself, I seek to gain perspective, to put things in contrast. Being in a location devoid of volume helps this, like nature: be it mountains or sea. I look for a place of quiet reflection, for clarity, space and time. After this I go home to be with myself and focus down those thoughts. When your subconscious is quiet – that is individualism - essentially who you truly are."

What makes your business individual?

"At Maison Arabella we are immersed in internationalism and craft, our work combines culture with meaning and innovation with heritage, transcending aesthetics for aesthetics’ sake and instead inspiring new ways of living.

We are not trying to ‘box’ people, but instead enhance their sense of self. An important part of individuality is wellbeing. If your space is an accurate reflection of you, you’ll feel good, which is the key to productivity and wellbeing in a domestic or corporate space. We call it art d’vivre – the art of living."

Arabella wears Joseph shirt, £395; and Max Mara Studio trousers, £260

#### Jonathan Ward - Founder and Director of Jonathan Ward Candles [Jonathan Ward](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/brands/jonathan-ward) is a kind of modern-day alchemist. He meticulously blends the fragrances for his organic [artisanal candles](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/brands/jonathan-ward), ensuring that each scent has its own unique blueprint. Even the packaging is hand-finished, using a 1966 lithographic press.

What does ‘individuality’ mean to you?

"I love that style marches to its own drum. I left my career in the fashion industry to start my business partly because I didn’t want to be governed by trends. There’s a difference between style and fashion."

How do you put your personal stamp on your business?

"We create complex, innovative fragrance stories delivered in the cleanest way possible. I couldn’t tell you what other brands are doing – we listen to our own voice, so our fragrances are completely original. We don’t want to subliminally adopt what competitors are doing. Fragrances need robust reference points, and I create a short story for each one. I feel strongly that the world does not need another pointless creation."

Jonathan wears Sunspel T-shirt, £70; Polo Ralph Lauren shirt, £95, trousers, £135 (coming soon online) and jacket, £435 (coming soon online)

#### Sybille Wilkinson - Co-Founder and Director of Gilchester Organics The brainchild of Sybille and Andrew Wilkinson, Gilchesters Organics works in harmony with nature, balancing traditional farming methods with wildlife conservation, growing and milling heritage grains alongside herds of rare breed cattle. She supplies the flour for our scrumptious sourdough bread at [Mason + Rye](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/services/service/?cid=ae01f152-02b1-4ed9-8f08-8bef0030bce9).

What sets your products apart?

"My husband Andrew has a PhD and is involved in European research projects. Our products are developed based on their health benefits, and we approach our work from a deeply analytical and scientific perspective."

Is there one product in particular that embodies this?

"Yes, it’s an original spelt variety we brought over from Switzerland, one of the most ancient types. It’s a true spelt, not crossed with wheat to increase yield (as all others are). It’s rich in colour (antioxidants), flavour and aroma. You can buy it in the Fenwick Food Hall."

Sybille wears Max Mara Studio sweater, £280; Sportmax trousers, £330; and Sportmax Code coat, £590

#### Edeline Lee - Founder and Head Designer of Edeline Lee British-Canadian Edeline Lee apprenticed at Alexander McQueen and John Galliano and worked at Zac Posen and Rodnik. She launched her eponymous label in 2014\. Handmade in England, her thoughtful, aesthetically sophisticated signature pieces have won her a loyal fan base.

What does ‘individuality’ mean to you?

"Speaking your truth."

How do you find your sense of self?

"I try to focus on what my higher purpose is, and then I check in often to make sure that all the choices I am making are aligned."

Is there one piece in particular that you feel most accurately embodies individuality?

"The Echo Dress is structured, precise, feminine and intelligent, but playful at the same time."

What makes your label unique?

"I make fashion for women who look for meaning and depth, even in the clothes they choose to wear."

Edeline wears Edeline Lee dress, £730

Individuality starts here
_Hero image, top row from left:_ Edeline wears [Edeline Lee dress, £795](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/women/clothing/dresses/day/alexandria-dress/0001141935-PALEPINK.html); Francesca wears Preen dress, £990 (coming soon online) and [Soru earrings, £180](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/women/accessories/jewellery/earrings/celestial-atlas-earring/CELESTIAL-ATLAS-E-R-Soru-Jewellery.html); Mariana wears Paige T-shirt, £145 (coming soon online), Eudon Choi skirt, £395 (coming soon online), and [Soru necklace, £480](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/women/accessories/jewellery/necklaces/mondello-necklace/Mondello-Necklace-SORU-JEWELLERY.html); _bottom row from left:_ Arabella wears [Joseph shirt, £395](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/women/clothing/tops/shirts/new-garcon-scribble-spot-shirt/0001046878-0020.html), and [Max Mara Studio trousers, £260](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/women/clothing/trousers/trousers/tailored/kurt-long-pant/0001062012-007.html); Vanita wears [Momoni shirt, £275](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/women/clothing/tops/blouses/calabrone-shirt/0001045132-0040.html); and [No.21 trousers, £430](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/women/clothing/trousers/trousers/tailored/corduroy-trouser/0001038904-2180.html); Sybille wears [Liviana Conti jumper, £225](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/women/clothing/knitwear/jumpers/seam-detail-wool-roll-neck/0001065806-A01-0.html); [Vivienne Westwood Anglomania jacket, £700](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/women/clothing/jackets/blazers/prince-jacket/0000575544-O001.html); and [FLYNN bag, £550](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/women/bags/emerson-top-handle-bag/2530010282847.html); Jonathan wears [John Smedley jumper, £275](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/men/clothing/sweatshirts-and-knitwear/roll-neck/zachary-roll-neck/0001011167-SOFTGREY.html)