The Hoop Station
We caught up with owner of jewellery designers Georgiana Scott and Juliet Rowe, to hear about the brand, this season’s trends and how they've landed the name 'The Queen of Hoops'.
Whether you're 25 or 85, Adele or Ellie Goulding, Georgiana Scott has captured the attention of women of every age and style. As the brand prepares for its 25th birthday this year, we caught up with owner Juliet Rowe to hear about the history of Georgiana Scott, the biggest trend of the season and how she's landed the name 'The Queen of Hoops'...
###### How did Georgiana Scott come about? My mother and late step dad launched the jewellery brand in 1991, 25 years ago this July. The name comes from my middle name, Georgiana, and my brother’s middle name, Scott. You also have the Italiano element with Georgiana - all of our pieces are made in Italy. They were really the first early London independent jewellery label who were Italian made that were fashionable but not high fashion - they were affordable and didn’t break the bank. It was more about the lady who was wearing it. She’s got a great handbag and blow dry, and she wears one of our pieces, such as a classic chain or imitation diamonds. ###### When did you take over the brand? Sadly four years ago my stepfather passed away and his children asked if I would like to carry the business on. I used to work in PR for diamonds and watches, so I've come in with an eye for fine jewellery, which I hope shows in our story and photography - it looks like its fine jewellery, but literally could be £30\. I don’t know any other brand doing that. We’re kind of in between the Pandora and the Tiffany – it’s the lady who doesn't like wearing what everyone else is wearing and likes feeling like she’s stumbled upon something that not everybody has. ###### Tell us more about the Georgiana Scott woman - who is she? When I came on board I wanted to make it a little more current - I wanted to be targeting someone like me, so we re-branded with a new look and packaging. However, we are an ageless brand. You could be 21 with a gold piece or you could be 85 wearing one of our pearl necklaces. We have no age factor. We go 'cool' with our sleepers and some more cutting edge pieces you might see someone in Shoreditch wearing, but that’s not our whole story. We dip in and out of the cool bohemian thing, but we're also about the lady with the four-by-four who lives in Richmond. We also get some great customers at Bond Street - Adele and Ellie Goulding have both come here to buy our hoops.
###### You've become known as the Queen of Hoops - what's behind the nickname? There was a gap in the market for a compact, easily accessible top-of-counter home for hoops, so in 2014 we launched The Hoop Station with the objective of becoming the earring equivalent of chewing gum at the Supermarket checkout - convenient and simple with an affordable price tag without losing the luxe element. ###### What are your key pieces? Bracelets. We cannot get enough of them! They're also an easy gift because the lady can exchange them, whereas earrings you can’t exchange. Pretty and delicate friendship bracelets, classic bracelets and bracelets that you can layer are where we have the most success. We've recently launche
###### How did the brand become connected with Fenwick? At that time my mother and step dad founded the company, my grandpa, who knew Peter Fenwick, made a handshake deal to secure the wonderful space we have in Bond Street. We’re now in 8 Fenwick stores, which is such an honour. Every Fenwick is independent and boutique, and each store targets its local lady - no other department store does that. ###### How are you celebrating your 25th birthday? Because silver has had such a major comeback in fashion, we’ve gone a lot bigger than we have in the last three years into silver. 25 years is also traditionally the silver anniversary, so we are launching these Luxe Paperchain pieces with imitation diamonds on the links - they are very delicate and come in three colours, with silver commemorating our birthday.