This year, we've chosen pink as our colour of the season - be it the bold and flamboyant, cool and classic or romantic and flirty, we simply can't get enough. To help you find your way through the foray of shades to pick from, here's how we're styling our favourite four.
What’s your first thought when we say pink? Love? Compassion? Female empowerment? Perhaps fashion faux-pas? Or Marilyn Monroe’s ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’ circa 1950? No matter how it makes you feel, pink is having a moment. Popping up on runways, red carpets and on some of our favourite female leads (thanks to Jodie Comer’s character Villanelle in _Killing Eve_). So, what better colour to elect as our Fenwick shade of the season, than the unequivocally perfect pink. With hues catering for the bold and flamboyant, as well as the classic and refined, this season we simply can't get enough of the all-encompassing pink. You’ll find it sprinkled readily throughout our fashion, home and beauty halls in all its glory, equipped to bring your stylish events, weddings and occasions to life. Whether your venturing to the races or the Riviera, we're showing you how to style four of our favourite shades of pink, from vibrant magenta and hot candy, to soft rose and understated nude.
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#### Hot Candy Pink Make like Marilyn and embrace your flamboyant side with the unapologetically intense and utterly brilliant hot candy pink. It's a sure fire way to bring your wardrobe racing into spring. If choosing a block colour like [PS Paul Smith's]( tailored trousers is a step too far for you, don't shy away and opt instead for smatterings of the shade on knits and throughout prints.
#### Rose Blush With a refreshing twist on beautiful blush, you'll find the endlessly romantic Renaissance shade of rose. Polish casual looks by pairing minimal [shirts]( with [denim]( or [tailored trousers]( Or take the plunge and play with print, like this fabulous [MSGM jumper]( - after all, this shade was simply made for florals.
#### Magnificent Magenta Somewhere between purple and pink lies the beautifully rich magenta. (A regal tone reminiscent of royals throughout history.) Whether you go all out with strong textures like this exquisite [MAX&CO. Velvet Midi Dress]( or opt for a subtler approach sprinkled throughout on [printed dresses]( and intricate embellishments, magenta is a colour that's sure to get you noticed.
#### Nearly Nude Pink doesn't have to mean Barbie-bright hues. If your style is more refined and minimal, keep it classic with an elegant nude. Depending on your skin tone, nude can be tricky - so it's about finding the right hue for you. Dress up plain nude dresses like this dreamy [REDValentino]( loose dress with colourful [accessories]( or play with different textures to make it feel a touch more modern.
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