Fenwick Christmas Wishlist 2019
In search of the perfect Christmas gifts but aren’t sure where to start? We asked the Fenwick insiders what they’re coveting the most this year, in hopes of giving you a touch of inspiration this season.
It seems we’ve merely blinked our eyes and before we can exclaim ‘mince pies’, stockings have been hung by the fireplace, and our social calendars are brimming with a host of carol concerts, parties, dinners and evening soirées to attend. Amongst the festive cheer, is the seemingly daunting task of buying the perfect present. But with so many people on the nice list this year, finding a thoughtful gift without scouring the earth can be hard work. With this in mind, we asked the Fenwick buyers, traders, editors and designers what they’re coveting the most this year. From the cocktail lover to the beauty buff and home enthusiast, ‘tis the season for a little inspiration.
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##### The Beauty Lover "I’m always looking to soothe my skin, so a nourishing moisturiser is definitely on my list! Fragrance is also a treat for me, and this one by Tom Ford perfectly captures the sweet accords of a cherry (and just a hint of almond), making it a truly unique scent." Izabelle, eCommerce Category Trader - Beauty
##### The Foodie “There’s nothing I love more than indulging in the most delicious confectionaries over the festive season. The ginger truffles are a particular favourite; the flavour is perfect for the season and goes down a treat with a cup of loose-leaf herbal tea.” Chelsea, Junior Fashion and Lifestyle Editor
##### The Fashionistas "Olivia Rubin and Stine Goya are two of my favourite women’s brands at the minute, so it was a no brainer to have both these items on my Christmas wish list! I am into anything midi length at the moment, and both of these can be dressed up or down." Katie, eCommerce Category Trader - Women's Fashion "White shirts are a go-to in my workwear wardrobe, so I love this striped shirt by Saturdays New York City. It’s the perfect balance between fun and contemporary, whilst still being appropriate for the office.” Jack, eCommerce Category Trader - Men's Fashion
##### The Accessories Aficionado “I have been in love with SALOME since they launched on fenwick.co.uk. The Nola Pearl Earrings are beautifully designed and exude elegance. Plus, the FLYNN Emerson Bag is on my wish list this year. I’ve been searching for a burgundy coloured bag for day-to-day attire and I’ve definitely found it.” – Stephanie, eCommerce Category Trader - Accessories & Gifts
##### The Cocktail Connoisseur "Christmas may be a time of gathering with loved ones – I just love to entertain – but for me, it’s an excuse to make the most elaborate tipples. So receiving anything cocktail-related as a gift is ideal for my hostess-inclined ways. And, well, who doesn’t love to recieve a bottle of gin liqueur?” Erin, Digital Content Manager
##### The Interior Enthusaist “I gravitate towards anything with bright colours and bold patterns, so I immediately fell in love with this silk pillowcase. And, having just renovated my home, accessories and décor are on the top of my wishlist.” Suzy, Digital Design & Photography Manager
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