Model wearing a Cara Meehan special ocassion hat
Discover the extraordinary creations and the master milliners behind the Royal Ascot Millinery Collective 2018
Fenwick and Royal Ascot have collaborated with a selection of the UK’s most exciting milliners to produce an exclusive eight-piece collection for 2018: The Royal Ascot Millinery Collective. Discover the extraordinary creations below and the master milliners behind each design. Royal Ascot and millinery go hand-in-hand, which is why we're thrilled to announce Fenwick is this year's Royal Ascot Official Millinery Sponsor for the third season running. Providing a platform to celebrate the best of British-based hat designers, The Royal Ascot Millinery Collective features pieces by both established and emerging milliners such as Awon Golding, Alexandra Harper, Jess Collett, Stephen Jones, Philip Treacy, Rachel Trevor-Morgan, Monique Lee and Cara Meehan. The Royal Ascot Millinery Collective is available exclusively at Fenwick of Bond Street and showcases each milliner's signature style, accumulating in a beautifully dramatic and elegant array of hats that are sure to steal the show at this year's Royal Ascot. “It fills me with great joy to not only work with some of Britain’s most exciting milliners, but to see such beautiful and contemporary designs as part of this season’s Royal Ascot Collective," says Juliet Slot, Chief Commercial Officer at Ascot Racecourse. "Millinery is intrinsic to Royal Ascot and we are delighted to provide a platform once again for some of the most captivating milliners, whose designs inspire and delight racegoers around the world. We are delighted to have the enduring support from Fenwick, whose expertise has helped leverage this important campaign for both Ascot and Britain’s millinery industry.” Discover the complete collection below, and the inspiration behind each milliner's creation.

Philip Treacy

This sensational pink creation is "a bright celebration of Royal Ascot" according to Philip Treacy. He explains that "the playful structure of the hat coupled with the sculptural movement of the arrow feathers represent the beauty and elegance of the event." Keen on encouraging every woman to experience the grandeur of wearing a hat to the races, Treacy advises: "When choosing a hat, you must choose one that stays true to your style. Get creative and have fun!"

Philip Treacy Hat, £2,500; Malene Oddershede Bach Exclusive Floral Embroidered Dress, £900; Available at Fenwick of Bond Street

Awon Golding

Reinventing a traditional vision of florals, Awon Golding explains his creation is "perfect for the modern woman". The pastel masterpiece uses "a bold graphic treatment melding modern techniques with traditional artistry" whereby "each flower is handmade from heat-soldered crinoline to create delicate spring blooms for the 21st century." In terms of styling, Golding advises: "The perfect complement to my hat is a gorgeous lipstick, try a bold orange-red tone. If you have shorter hair, tuck the sides back for a clean look."

Awon Golding Hat, £575; Three Floor Exclusive Lilac Lace Tiered Dress, £465; Available at Fenwick of Bond Street

Cara Meehan

Designed with Ascot in mind, Cara Meehan's elegant creation was "inspired by the timeless elegance of the Royal Enclosure," says Cara, who adds she chose the luxurious French navy blue as she predicts it will be the colour of the season. Cara's top tips for achieving the best race day look are to "style your hats to nearly touch your eyebrow" and to "tilt brimmed hats to sweep just above your eye."

Cara Meehan Hat, £415; Pleats Please Abstract Print Dress, £575; Available at Fenwick of Bond Street

Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones's exuberant creation was designed to "celebrate the high point of the Millinery year, using delicate straw and dramatic ostrich and tulle spines". This show-stopping hat encapsulates Stephen's feeling that "a hat for Royal Ascot has to be glorious and extravagant. It’s the one week of the year that you can truly shine and express yourself through what you’re wearing."

Stephen Jones Hat, £2,550; Forte Forte Beige/ Black Stripe Silk Jacket, £415; Available at Fenwick of Bond Street

Alexandra Harper

This lilac geometric design uses "hand-made blooms with just enough sparkle to cascade across an asymmetric lilac base and branch across the hat in a shimmering spray," describes Alexandra Harper. She adds that her creation is "intensely feminine, strikingly unique" and "makes the ultimate race-day statement." To add allure to your race day look, Harper advises to "perch the hat forward, over the right eyebrow."

Alexandra Harper Hat, £710; Borgo De Nor Exclusive Bella Floral Dress, £745; Available at Fenwick of Bond Street.

Jess Collett

We love this eye-catching yellow and teal creation by Jess Collett, who encourages everyone to "wear your hat with pride." Jess recalls, "I wanted to design a piece that carries all the wild elegance that Royal Ascot inspires. I imagined walking through a fantasy garden and when out the other side I found myself wearing a hat that captured the way that garden made me feel, other worldly."

Jess Collett Hat, £785, Mother of Pearl Rona White Dress with Pleated Bottom, £495; Available at Fenwick of Bond Street.

Rachel Trevor-Morgan

Rachel Trevor-Morgan describes her beautiful floral creation as "a statement piece with an elegant silhouette made in dusky pinks and smoky tones offset with sharp fanned feathers." She adds that the hat "oozes femininity" and the inspiration behind it was "English summer gardens with a quintessential British elegance." Rachel's top tip when choosing your hat is to "step out of your comfort zone; it is important to be bold at Royal Ascot."

Rachel Trevor Morgan Hat, £1,495; Vivienne Westwood Virginia Nude Dress, £715; Available at Fenwick of Bond Street

Monique Lee

This statement piece by Monique Lee is a tribute to architect Frank Gehry, whom she "admire(s) for his vision and sensitivity to materials and forms." Decorated with layers of see-through fine silk organza and Japanese hand-dyed cotton, Monique wanted to "create movement and shadows while the wearer walks to make a statement." For styling, she advises to team it with a classic red for a sophisticated look.

Monique Lee Hat, £595; MSGM Floral Printed Long Sleeve Silk Dress, £535; Available at Fenwick of Bond Street

_The Royal Ascot Millinery Collective will be available exclusively at Fenwick of Bond Street from Wednesday 18th April 2018\._