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Meet the cast of Alice In Wonderland!

Join us in-store on Saturday 19th May to meet the cast of Alice In Wonderland at Fenwick Bracknell.

Available at: Bracknell
Visit the Toy Department from 10.30-11.30am where the cast of Alice in Wonderland will be in store. Join Alice and her ‘mad’ friends in a wonderful new musical adaptation of Alice In Wonderland. Will Alice find her way home? What made the Red Queen “frumious”? How mad is the Mad Hatter? All your favourite characters and more in this colourful, fun, theatre treat for all the family. Alice In Wonderland will be at South Hill Park from Thursday 31st May to Sunday 3rd June. Book your tickets [here]( We look forward to seeing you in store at Fenwick Bracknell.

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