Fenwick Summer Supper Club

The Fenwick Food Hall in Newcastle is hosting an exceptional supper club evening - featuring three of our restaurants; Fuego, Saltwater Fish Company and Porterhouse Butcher and Grill - to celebrate the end of summer on Wednesday 28th August 2019. Menus have been crafted by the likes of Terry Laybourne, Roy Brett, Steve Ramshaw, Valentine Warner and Hepple Spirits.

Available at: Newcastle
The Fenwick Food Hall in Newcastle is hosting an exceptional supper club evening - featuring three of our restaurants - to celebrate the end of summer on Wednesday 28th August 2019\. With exquisite menus crafted by culinary and spirits experts and renowned chefs on hand to deliver a truly enjoyable and unique dining experience. Seatings begin at 6:30pm, with dinner commencing at 7pm. Choose from the below supper club experiences to suit your palate… #### Fuego ##### A celebration of juniper with Valentine Warner and Hepple Spirits Fuego has teamed with renowned TV Chef Valentine Warner and locally renowned Hepple Spirits to create an evening celebrating the juniper berry. This supper club is inspired by the Juniper Tour in Hamburg, showcasing how gin complements food in a delicious pairing menu, designed to deliver a real taste sensation. The evening will be hosted by Chef Valentine Warner and Hepple Spirits founder Walter Riddell, sharing their wealth of knowledge, passion and enthusiasm as you dine. Warner is a cook, food writer and broadcaster who started his started his television career on the BBC in Autumn 2008 with What to Eat Now. Riddell focuses his efforts on developing sustainable spirits and the propagation of its wild ingredients. Enjoy this delicious and locally sourced four course menu, accompanied with a cocktail to complement each course for £50 per person. ###### Menu: **Arrival drink:** Enjoy the Summer Simonside Special **First course:** Hepple-cured trout with black bread, tea pickled cucumbers and horseradish; served with a Hepple Martini **Second course:** Roasted shallot, sweet and sour curried juniper sauce and crispy onions; served with a Douglas Fir Sour **Third course:** Peter Hannan salt aged lamb, roast liquorice tomatoes, potato and apple puree; served with a Negroni Sbagliato **Fourth course:** Fresh raspberry jelly with Douglas Fir sherbet; served with a Sloe Granita
#### Porterhouse Butcher and Grill ##### A celebration of Wagyu and sushi with Steve Ramshaw and Terry Laybourne This extra special Wagyu beef and sushi supper club will give you the unique opportunity to sample full blood Wagyu beef reared in Northumberland by Terry Laybourne’s great friend and co-conspirator Steve Ramshaw. Around 10 years ago, Ramshaw took his organic farm on an adventure and immersed himself in the world of Wagyu. As a nod to Japanese food culture, the evening will start with a tasting of hand rolled sushi using the very best fish from neighbouring restaurant Saltwater Fish Company. Then immerse yourself in this dining experience of top-class Wagyu beef, accompanied by a Champagne reception with exceptional wine pairing to complement every course, all for £85 a ticket. ###### Menu: **Arrival drink:** Champagne reception **First course:** Porterhouse maki (spicy tuna; prawn tempura; salmon and cucumber; king crab and avocado); served with wine pairing **Second course:** Steve Ramshaw’s Full Blood Northumbrian Wagyu; grilled medium rare and served with hand cut chips, green bean salad with anchovies and almonds; served with wine pairing (We firmly believe that Steve’s Wagyu is best cooked medium rare rather than rare allowing the fat to start melting and move back through the meat to lubricate and flavour it. This is what gives quality Wagyu its unique silky texture) **Third course:** Raspberry vacherin; served with wine pairing _Please note there are now only high tables and seating available for this supper club._
#### Saltwater Fish Company ##### A celebration of Oysters with Roy Brett and Terry Laybourne Join us for an oyster masterclass with experts Terry Laybourne of 21 Hospitality Group and chef Roy Brett, who have worked together on a very special menu for Saltwater Fish Company. Brett is chef and proprietor of Ondine in Edinburgh; considered by those who know, as Scotland’s best seafood restaurant. Together, Brett and Laybourne will deliver a little bit of history, a little bit of theory, a shucking demonstration and then take you on a journey around the British Isles and into France. Indulge in this unique experience for £65 per person for first row counter or £55 a ticket for second row. ###### Menu: **Arrival drink:** Champagne reception **First course:** Tasting of four natural oysters; two dressed and two cooked; served with wine pairing **Second Course:** Ondine signature of hot roast shellfish platter with white wine, garlic and parsley broth; served with wine pairing **Third course:** Panna cotta with raspberries; served with wine pairing _A celebration of Oysters with Roy Brett and Terry Laybourne is now sold out._
_*T&Cs apply; see [here](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/terms-conditions-stores.html) for more details._

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