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Food and Drinks Tastings

Enjoy a tipple or two at our upcoming drinks tastings in-store. Take a look at the fabulous brands coming up soon.

Whet your appetite with our enticing selection of food and drink tastings in-store on the following dates: ### Colchester ##### Tony's Chocolate Tony’s Chocolonely is a confectionery company that’s mission is to make chocolate 100% slave free. The Dutch brand creates delicious chocolate closely following fair trade practises and source their beans directly from farmers to help get a fair price for their product and combat exploitation. Friday 13th September and Saturday 14th September ##### Punchy Drinks People aren’t drinking the way they used to. These days, you’ve got to account for taste – Punchy Drinks pride themselves on high-quality drinks with intriguing flavours. Their carefully curated flavour combinations are inspired by the heritage of punch; a wonderful balance of five flavours, available with or without alcohol. Saturday 14th September ##### Pump Street Chocolate Pump Street Chocolate pride themselves on making small batch chocolate from beans imported directly to them from family farms and cooperatives from all across the world. They use only the highest quality ingredients along with detailed and precise production to create a delicious chocolate range. Friday 20th September and Saturday 21st September ##### Cartwright & Butler Home to the most delicious teatime treats, Cartwright & Butler offer the most delightful range of biscuits and cakes. Based in East Riding of Yorkshire their range is beautifully tasting as it is packaged. 10am - 4pm, Friday 20th September ##### Charbonnel & Walker Charbonnel et Walker was one of Britain’s first chocolatiers being founded in 1875 and are renowned for their range of luxury and decadent chocolates and truffles. They combine classic and creative flavours to offer a truly spectacular range. Saturday 21st September ##### Terra Rossa Over the last 10 years, Terra Rossa has been bringing awareness to exquisite Arabian cuisine. With its extensive range of different products, the brand uses traditional and technical methods to create amazing sweet and savoury foods from dipping sauces to sweet spreads. 10am - 4pm, Saturday 21st September
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