fenwick mason + rye afternoon tea

Mason + Rye Cream Tea Kits

Delightful afternoons are but one box away thanks to Fenwick Newcastle’s Mason + Rye Cream Tea Kits. Bringing their much-loved tea, cakes, scones and more to your home, choose from our Cream Tea Box or Bakery Box, available every Friday and Saturday in-store.

Available at: Newcastle
Tea for two anyone? Prepped by our in-house chefs and bakers on Fridays and Saturdays, recreate restaurant quality Cream Tea at home thanks to our [Mason + Rye](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/services/restaurants/mason-rye/ae01f152-02b1-4ed9-8f08-8bef0030bce9) Cream Tea Kits at [Newcastle](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/stores/newcastle); pick them up at the [Fenwick Food Hall](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/services/food-and-gifts/fenwick-food-hall/c16c5ce8-d326-4657-9ff8-9007ec9bc602?cid=c16c5ce8-d326-4657-9ff8-9007ec9bc602) in our [Newcastle store](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/stores/newcastle). We’d love to see your Cream Tea Kits in action. Share a snap with us using the hashtag #AtHomeWithFenwick. **Cream Tea Boxes** **A. Cream Tea Box (for 2), £20** * 6 fresh baked scones * 2 slices lemon cake * Clotted cream * Fenwick Strawberry & Yorkshire Rhubarb Jam * Fenwick Breakfast Assam Whole Leaf Tea **B. Essential Bakery Box (for 2), £20** * 1 small sourdough * 2 stottie cakes * 2 cheeses * 2 fruit scones * 2 slices of lemon cake * 2 chocolate brownies

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