The Fenwick Exchange: Discover Artisan Food and Drink Producers

Prepare for a deliciously British summer with The Fenwick Exchange, Bentalls Kingston's artisanal marketplace showcasing the finest food and drink producers in your region.

Available at: Kingston
Are you ready to meet the locals? Join us in celebrating Britain's best homegrown talent with The Fenwick Exchange at [Bentalls Kingston](, our rather brilliant artisanal marketplace. An in-store showcase of your region's most exciting tastemakers, including biscuit bakers, gin distillers and jam makers, The Fenwick Exchange shines a light on some truly superb small businesses, whilst giving you the opportunity to discover small-batch delights you won't find anywhere else. Until Sunday 19th September 2021, head into Bentalls Kingston to prep your picnic basket, cram your cupboards and load up your larder in anticipation of a deliciously British summer. * **Silent Pool Gin** (until Sunday 19th September) * **Kukuya Kitchen** (until Sunday 19th September) * **Binary Botanical** (until Sunday 19th September) * **Celtic Pantry** (until Sunday 19th September) * **Cookie Crumbles** (until Sunday 19th September) * **RoniB's Kitchen** (until Sunday 19th September) * **Margot and Montez** (until Sunday 19th September) * **Kiss the Hippo** (until Sunday 25th July) * **Jampacked** (Thursday 1st July - Sunday 19th September) * **Monster Cookies** (Monday 26th July - Sunday 29th August) * **Truff'd** (Monday 30th August - Sunday 19th September)

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