Exhibition 140: Elegance & Acrobats: 140 years of fashion and flair​

Fenwick’s past, present and future come to life at Exhibition 140. Drawing on our rich 140 years of history, this transporting exhibition invokes our founder John James Fenwick’s visionary ability to attire women for modern life, and his son Arthur Fenwick’s lifelong passion for the daring and dazzle of the circus.

Available at: Newcastle
As part of our 140th anniversary, we have brought Fenwick's past, present and future to life at Exhibition 140.
Drawing on our rich 140 years of history, emerging fashion talent from Northumbria University have conjured outstanding visions of how we’ll want to dress next, from streetwear to tailoring. Discover the incredible stories of the characters and movements that shaped fashion, history and culture in the transporting exhibition ‘Elegance & Acrobats: 140 years of fashion and flair’.
Fenwick has partnered with the School of Design at Northumbria University and Tyne & Wear Archives and Museums (TWAM) to celebrate and reinterpret our rich history in fashion. Tutors for Northumbria University's BA (Hons) Fashion programme explored the vast Fenwick archive with support from 2nd year students, who collaborated to focus on specific decades, which inspired the design of capsule collections.
Students made remarkable discoveries, particularly about the changing role of women in society and the Fenwick Family members who made the business what it is today. In particular, Arthur Fenwick, son of founder John James Fenwick, who has always revelled in a sense of theatre. The colour and courage of circus life was his lifelong passion. Combined with his father’s visionary understanding of how women wanted to shop, dress and live, Arthur’s originality created a special spirit at Fenwick that continues to inspire us, and our discerning shoppers, to enjoy the circus of life.
Open all year, explore Exhibition 140 on the First Floor at [Fenwick Newcastle](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/stores/newcastle).

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