OPEN. RETHINK, RECYCLE & RELOVE with Thrift+, a fuss-free donation service for your best second-hand clothes that could earn you 10% off* your next online Fenwick order after Thrift+ receives your clothing donation.

There's no denying that low waste is good taste, so we've partnered with Thrift+, a fuss-free donation service for your best second-hand clothes. Look forward to gaining space in your wardrobe, giving back to a charity of your choice, and earning a tidy [10% off*]( your next online Fenwick order. Who knew supporting circular fashion could be so simple?
**Who are Thrift+?** Founded in February 2017 by former business consultant Joe, Thrift+ are a London-based, zero hassle donation service for your best second-hand clothes.
**How does it work?** Simply add a [ThriftBag]( to your basket **when you make any online purchase at [](**, fill it up, and return it for free. Thrift+ then does all the work to upload and sell your items on their website, using automated pricing and photography technology to speed-up the process, and ensure items are sold for the right price. You will receive a rather tidy [10% off*]( discount code to use on your next Fenwick online order. Once your items sell, Thrift+ donates the proceeds to your chosen charity.
**What can I put in my ThriftBag?** Thrift+ specialise in selling good quality clothes, shoes and accessories that deserve to be given a new lease of life. Premium brands you might find at Fenwick are the sweet-spot, however you can also sell everyday high street brands if they are in new or excellent condition. Unfortunately, they are unable to accept children's or baby clothing, underwear or swimwear. Please find more detailed guidelines [here](
**How much can I donate?** You'd be surprised how much you can fit in a [ThriftBag]( - a useful measure is your standard carry-on suitcase. Donors will receive one [10% off*]( discount code per filled [ThriftBag](, which is sent by email once Thrift+ receives your clothing donation.
Sounds good, doesn't it? To get started, buy any item online & add a [ThriftBag]( to your basket for free. Please note that Fenwick x Thrift+ is a UK only partnership. Should you have any further questions, please visit []( To find out more about Thrift+ and this great initiative visit []( Please note bag may differ from image shown above. *Terms and Conditions apply; click [here]( for more details.