Nails Inc Luxe

Introducing Nails Inc Luxe, now open exclusively in our Fenwick of Bond Street Ground Floor Beauty Hall.

The first manicure concept of its kind, visit Nails Inc Luxe and have your every need tended to. With coffee, shakes and snacks brought to you from our Clean & Lean To Go Cafe and treatment booths with built-in phone chargers, your manicure has got the upgrade it deserves.

With detox services for nails left feeling weak after gel treatments, ultra-gentle, non-toxic manicures and much more, Nails Inc Luxe is a revelation for both beauty junkies and those just in need of a pamper. Stretched for time? Enjoy two treatments in half the time with two therapists working on your hands and feet simultaneously, you’ll be filed and polished in the click of a finger!

To book your appointment simply call 020 7629 9161