BeautyBAR by Clarins

Get ready for BeautyBAR by Clarins; a new beauty concept now open at Fenwick Brent Cross!

Designed for those with little time, the BeautyBAR offers express treatments at a low price point of just £25.

Or call the counter on 020 8202 8200 ext. 2221 for more information.

2017 9 29 BEAUTYBAR2

Get Glowing

A made to measure facial for fatigued faces; this will rev up radiance in minutes. An expert circulation boosting massage combined with an optional fuss free application of our superb self tan will ensure even the most weary and washed out leave looking post holiday fresh.

2017 9 29 beautybar3Skin Care Workout

When it comes to your skin, do you need to press refresh? Yes? Well think of this as a workout for your skin. No time for power napping during this treatment – you’ll be working with us! Our skilled BeautyBAR Specialists will address your concerns, impart insider advice on how to maintain your skin in optimum condition and create a bespoke treatment that uses targeted products and efficacious massage techniques to deliver your dream skin – all in 30 minutes flat.

2017 9 29 beautybar4Knot a Problem

This satisfyingly quick de-stress works to rapidly release tight muscles and swiftly ease tension from your neck and shoulders. Our industrious BeautyBAR Specialists combine relaxation inducing essential oils with an intense deep touch massage to bring your body back into balance. 

2017 9 29 beautybar5SOS Facial

Complexion crisis? We can fix it fast. Our BeautyBAR Specialists are skilled at speedy skin care analysis and creating troubleshooting solutions that’ll banish breakouts, wave good bye to dryness, wage war on worry lines or deal with dullness. Give us thirty minutes and we’ll return your skin to happy. 

2017 9 29 beautybar6DeStress Express

We’re totally committed to obliterating tension. No dilly dallying (too stress-inducing), just tell us your two trouble zones (hands, scalp, neck and shoulders or face and eyes) and we’ll deliver a fast acting, muscle melting deep pressure massage. Turbocharged with soothing essential oil inhalation, this thirty-minute fix will guarantee lifted spirits and calmed nerves.

2017 9 29 beautybar7Revital Eyes

Brighten, tighten and revitalise lacklustre peepers in treble quick time. Take a power nap whilst our BeautyBAR Specialists help fight fatigue and rejuvenate fragile skin - paying special attention to the delicate eye, lip and neck area. Not forgetting hands, they’ll get extra TLC too! Using plant propelled products, exfoliation and minute maximising massage techniques, they’ll banish bags, dispatch dark circles and leave your skin feeling super smooth.

2017 9 29 beautybar8Firming Favourite

Turn back the clock with this age-defying facial. While you relax, our BeautyBAR Specialists will work their magic to rejuvenate your skin with youth-boosting botanicals. Combining circulation boosting massage to shape, firm and tone facial contours with a cocktail of high-performance products – we’ll leave your skin feeling transformed. Wave good bye to wrinkles and hello to firmer, youthful skin - age beautiful in just 30 minutes!2017 9 29 beautybar9A Little He-Time

Treat yourself to a little he-time! This action packed treatment specifically designed for men will energise and recharge by combining deep exfoliation and tension busting massage. Using hi-tech formulations to fight signs of fatigue, hydrate skin and reduce shaving bumps - we’ll leave you feeling sharp and looking dapper in a flash. No nonsense just maximum impact.

2017 9 29 beautybar10Clarins in the Beauty Hall on 1.

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