Alessandro Hand & Nail Treatment

Since 1989, Alessandro International has stood for unrivalled quality, exclusivity and innovation. Today, the brand is seen as one of Europe’s most prominent and important suppliers of innovative salon professional hand, foot and nail care products.

Alessandro is led by its belief that we are all unique and therefore our hand, foot and nail care needs are unique and individual to us; there is no one solution fits all philosophy. All Alessandro products are paraben free and not tested on animals.

CC Polish

A ‘five free’ nail treatment that nourishes, strengthens and protects weak, damaged and stressed nails with Keratin, Brown Algae, Omega 3,6 & 9 oils and pomegranate.

NailSpa Mango Nail Serum

Extra fine serum with mango extracts transports all the essential ingredients and Vitamin E needed to repair and rejuvenate damaged nails and smooth stressed cuticles.

NailSpa Nail Growth Pen

Royal Jelly strengthens, protects and repairs weak and thin nails in as little as 2 weeks.

Nail Repair Cream

Shea Butter smooths dry, rigid nails while helping to maintain flexibility to prevent breaking and peeling.

Hand!Spa Age Complex 3-step programme to beautiful hands and youthful looking skin

Step 1: Micro Peel

Gentle fruit acid exfoliator eliminates dry, rough skin leaving hands silky soft and smooth...



Step 2 – Vital Serum

Royal Jelly Serum

An intensive skin repairer that improves hydration and boosts collagen production to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles and leave hands visibly smoothed...

Step 3: Cream Rich

Intensive hand cream with hyaluronic acid that boosts the skins moisture content leaving it soft and smooth and visibly improved.

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