Annina Vogel has Arrived at Fenwick of Bond Street

Fenwick of Bond Street is proud to welcome Annina Vogel and her remarkable collection of rare, antique charms.

Whilst working in television, Annina Vogel produced programmes on fashion, food and antiques. It was during this time that her passion for jewellery was re-kindled and she started making charm necklaces at home. Little did she know that this would form the backbone of her ever-expanding business and ultimately inspire her to create the ‘Signature Charm Necklace’.

Intricate and enchanting, no two pieces the same, Annina Vogel jewellery is the perfect gift to give throughout this festive season.

Discover the collection on the Ground Floor at Fenwick of Bond Street today.

9ct Diamond Arrow Yellow Gold Ring Set, £3850
9ct Diamond Horseshoe Bespoke Necklace, £2850
9ct Diamond and Ruby Bespoke Swallow Necklace, £2850
9ct Unsoldered Lipstick Heels Gun Key Long Investment Chain Necklace, £3250
9ct Unsoldered Naked Necklace, £5850
9ct Diamond Horse Bespoke Necklace, £4850
9ct Opal Clover Horseshoe Bow Diamond Flower Double Heart Yellow Gold Necklace, £2550