Beauty From the Inside With Botanic Lab x Amelia Freer

Feel beautiful from the inside out with Botanic Lab and Amelia Freer's latest collaboration, Shine: the first organic, cold-pressed restorative with hydrolysed collagen.

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Epitomising Botanic Lab's trademark commitment to flavour, this complex and sensual potion more than earns its place in the innovative Lab range. A restorative formula that nourishes from within, Shine replenishes the building blocks that an active body needs to heal, with two hero ingredients: schisandra berry and hydrolysed collagen.

A staple of Chinese medicine, schisandra berry is known to restore lustre to skin and hair, as well as being prized for its respiratory benefits and cleansing properties.

Dietary collagen meanwhile offers a raft of important benefits to digestion and bodily repair: a functional protein that supports guy health and helps to restore a healthy stomach lining. Used by nutritionists for both its anti-inflammatory properties and the essential acids it provides, hydrolysed collagen furnishes components of the body's own collagen production.

Floral and fruity, with woody undertones and a hint of spice from fresh ginger, this clever concoction tastes (and looks) just as good as it sounds.

A Natural Collaboration

An acclaimed nutritional therapist and best selling author with a snaking queue of high-profile clients, Amelia Freer has long cited Botanic Lab as her go-to juice brand. Combining a rigorous scientific approach with a commitment to accessibility, her work focuses on the power of the right food to transform health.

It’s a passion shared by creative director Christophe Reissfelder, whose recipe design maintains a strict focus on physiology and function. Shine is his boldest invention yet, with ingredients found in no other cold-pressed offering - a powerful marriage of ancient wisdom and the latest scientific development.

Discover Shine in collaboration in our Botanic Lab fridge on 3rd exclusively in store and get glowing from the inside out. 

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