Buy one bra and get the second half price

Welcome to the Fenwick Tunbridge Wells Lingerie Event

Are you wearing the right size bra?

If in doubt, make the most of our fitting event. An event where you can be assured that you will receive expert advice in selecting the perfect fitting bra, plus, once you get it right you can buy one bra and get the second half price!

The truth of the matter is that our breasts do not stay the same. Your breast size will fluctuate due to age, weight loss or gain, if you are pregnant or breast feeding, or going through other hormonal changes.
Finding the perfect fitting bra is essential for feeling comfortable and supported. It will improve both your posture and your appearance giving you the confidence to wear close fitting t-shirts, blouses and dresses that really show off your figure.

Once you’ve found a gorgeous bra, in just the right size, all you need are great-fitting briefs to complete your look.

Remember when you feel good, you look good!

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