Dee Di Vita

Italian brand, Mantero has created ‘Dee Di Vita’ a project in association with Salute allo Specchio, a fundraising initiative supporting women undergoing cancer treatment at the San Raffaele Hospital in Italy.

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The Vita turban was specifically designed with the aim to enhance the beauty and strength of women, as well as actively supporting women undergoing treatment to help them and their friends and family feel better. Part of the revenue from sales will be given to the San Raffaele hospital’s Salute allo Specchio programme.

You can purchase a Vita turban by visiting the ground floor at Fenwick of Bond Street.


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Want to learn more about the brand?

Founded in Como, in 1902, by Riccardo Mantero, Mantero is a family business. Known globally for being experts in fabric painting, the family uses a ‘Double’ patent, world-renowned, silk-screen printing technique allowing the same design to be printed in different colours on the fabric in one session.

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