Discover New Niche Fragrances

Discover the latest collection of niche fragrances, in store at Fenwick Tunbridge Wells.

If you are looking for a perfume that exudes an interesting, difficult to find and unique scent,then take a look at our 3 latest additions, Blood Concept, Lab on Fire and Boadicea the Victorious.

Join our fragrance experts in store who will guide you in finding the perfect fragrance that says a lot about your personality.

Find these and more Summer scents in the Beauty Hall, at Fenwick Tunbridge Wells.


A Lab On Fire is a limited-production fragrance house shrouded in the mystery and genius of brilliant collaborations with the brightest talents in the perfume industry. Each contemporary fragrance is designed by a famous nose creating the highest quality and freshness, evoking ingenuity and refinement. Surrounded by mystery, the identity of Carlos Kusubayashi, the brain behind the brand and citizen of the world, still remains as secret as his fragrances are called for to be experienced.

Introducing the latest fragrance from Lab on Fire, launching at the end of June 2017 :


Sacré Nobi, the founder of S-Perfume, and Laurent Le Guernec, his long-time scent projects collaborator, have been invited by A Lab on Fire to conceptualise and design a new fragrance. Shioya chose Teahupo‘o as the inspiration for the new fragrance. Teahupo’o is a village on the south-west coast of Tahiti, famous for its muscular break over a treacherous shallow reef, characterised by intense barrels with thick, heavy waves that dispense exhilaration and peril and demand wisdom and respect. The awesome wave energy is harnessed in the salty-vanilla heart and soul of this fragrance: a bold surfer's empowered optimism and mettle tempered with Pacific-French sensibility. Carlos Kusubayashi's newest fragrance is oceanic and intense in style, with notes including sea salt, ozone, frangipani, salicylates, vanilla bean, Tahiti, and Amber Xtreme.


With a clear aesthetical and philosophical vision, Blood Concept parfums adds the city of Milan to its identity where it was created and which represents the pulsing heart of the brand’s edgy spirit. Parfums that are intense and connote a contemporary, sexy and free lifestyle. Capable of entering the innermost soul of each and every one of us BLOOD CONCEPT parfums is a modern mystic ritual to discover the multiple shades of human identity. Discover 3 collections in stores (The Black Series, The Upside Down Series and XX | XY Series) and explore your own identity through a scent.

BLOOD CONCEPT Black A - Killer Vanilla - Toffee - Vanilla - Rose Rose - Saffron - Peruvian Balsam - Labdanum - Amber


Boadicea The Victorious fragrances are an ode to the brave queen of the Celts who fought courageously against the Romans in the name of her people. Her symbol was a necklace in gold metal that has become the distinctive trademark engraved on each bottle. Natural and high-quality ingredients are combined with elegant olfactory sensations in perfect idiosyncrasy with those who wear them, distinguished by a touch of unconventional intensity that marks out a unique collection and decisive fragrance for him and for him.

BOADICEA THE VICTORIOUS Complex - Sage - Basil A hint of Violet Labdanum - Leather - Musk - Civet

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