Dream Lab

The Dream Lab has arrived at Fenwick of Bond Street.

An Apothecary of thoughts.

Mens fashion

Contemplate and realise your hopes and dreams for 2017.

This is your mantra to revitalise and reawaken your well-being.

Join us in store and discover our school of thought.

Book a Bodyism Yoga, Boxing or Blueprint class from 16th January.
Discover your Dosha with exclusive products from Samaya.
Refresh and rethink your style with our new season collections.

Take care of yourself
Treat yourself
It’s your year, what will you do?

Marion Vidal
Gold & white necklace, £385; Gold and silver tube belt, £249; White & gold ball earrings, £139

The Boyscouts
Drop Bar and circle necklace, £225; Drop bar and circle earring, £235; Oval & circle earring, £250

Alexis Bittar
Labradorite necklace, £325; Drop cluster earrings, £159; Twisted pearl hoops, £225

Pearl oval earrings, £1495; Double pearl ring, £1750; Green pearl necklace, £1650; Green pearl cuff £1850

Alexis Bittar
Labradorite Spike necklace, £265; Labradorite Cuff, £235; Pearl Crystal necklace, £295

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This January, as part of Dream Lab, Bodyism will be holding a number of classes in store to help you stay fit and healthy after the festive season. Join us for one class or for them all. Book your class here.

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