Introducing Fenwick Quiescent

2017 9 6 quiet2

To celebrate the launch of Fenwick Bracknell, we have created a new fragrance, Fenwick Quiescent, which promises a calming shopping experience.

The limited-edition fragrance has been developed using the principles of aromachology - the study of how smell affects human behaviour - to create a scent which not only smells good, but also features ingredients scientifically established to alleviate stress and act as a mood-enhancer.

The launch comes as our recent research* revealed nearly half of British consumers admit they have made unconsidered purchases, and nearly a quarter admit they have done so because they were on a rushed lunchbreak shopping spree.

Fenwick Quiescent is a sophisticated fusion of sandalwood, cedarwood and mandarin, with notes of vanilla and jasmine, which when combined, not only trigger your olfactory system, but also have a positive effect on your nervous system.

Through careful and meticulous development, the limited-edition fragrance is designed to de-stress anxious shoppers and help them feel relaxed when browsing the shops.

Quite literally retail therapy bottled, this product can be easily incorporated into your daily beauty regime.

The Aromachology Rooms

Our research also revealed over half of shoppers admit they’ve regretted a purchase they’ve bought because they haven’t tried it in store.
To create the very best environment to try on clothes, the changing rooms on the first floor have been given a Quiescent makeover and have been transformed into the Aromachology Rooms. For one month, the rooms will be infused with Fenwick Quiescent, feature picturesque images of the British landscape, with ambient music playing in the background to help you feel instantly relaxed.

The cedar plant you will see in the changing room is part of the cedarwood family - one of the key ingredients in Fenwick Quiescent - and features a carefully concealed vaporiser to ensure the room is filled with just the right amount of fragrance to make trying on clothes stress-free.

Visit the brand new Beauty Hall at Fenwick Bracknell from the 7th September to find out more, and to register for your chance to win a bottle of Fenwick Quiescent.

*Research based in 2,002 nationally representative UK adults (aged 18+) between 25-29 August 2017 and carried out by Opinium.

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