Fragrances for Spring

Discover New For Spring Fragrance in the Fenwick Tunbridge Wells Beauty Hall.

Introducing 3 new luxury brands: A Lab on Fire, Blood Concept & Boadicea the Victorious to the Beauty Hall, find out more about each brand below.

We've chosen our favourite fragrances from these brands, find your new scent this Spring in the Fenwick Tunbridge Wells Beauty Hall.

Lab on fire: Rose Rebelle Respawn

Nothing can harm you. Nothing can drag you down. When your strength is unlimited, it comes from the deepest, most fearless heart. Looking strong into the eyes of your future, you are steady and master it. It kneels before you, in awe. The allure of Rose Rebelle Respawn is boundless. Sophia Grojsman’s iconic fragrance returns, its femininity and daring irrepressible.

Notes: Modern, feminine, Ivy, Mint Leaves, Carnation, Rose, Musks, Incense, Cacao

60ml, £90

Lab On Fire: Paris * LA

When they speak to each other, it’s a filtered language, a private exchange. One adores, the other abides––for the lover sees what the beloved cannot. L.A., captured through Parisian eyes, succumbs and it is made new. A refreshing Coca-cola marries a smooth-shelled macaron. When you look around, are you still in the same place you started?

Notes: Exhilarating, comforting, Lime, Ginger, Cola Accord, Neroli Petals, Coriander Seeds, Thyme, Macaron Accord, Amber, Musk

60ml, £90

A Lab On Fire: What We Do in Paris is Secret

Rue des Petits Champs ou rue Montorgueil. Place des Vosges ou St. Germain. “What We Do In Paris Is Secret “ captures every part of the city, the glamorous part as well as the edgy one. Dominique Ropion, one of the most technically advanced perfumers in the world, has created a scent that shows his virtuosic skill and his ability to discover something new. The chic, au courant sensuality of “What We Do In Paris Is Secret” makes the magical real and Paris’s secrets palpable.

Notes: Warm, textured, Bergamot, Honey, Lychee, Turkish Rose Essence, Vanilla, Heliotrope, Tonka Bean, Tolu, Sandalwood, Ambergris

60ml, £90

Blood Concept: XL Oxygen Vert

Part of the Upside down Series, opposite identities based on sap. XL - Oxygen Vert retraces the ascent, tension and Oxygen of a pulsing heart.

Notes: Red Seaweed - Ginger - Lemon -Violet Leaves - Musk - Dried Woods

50ml, £125

Blood Concept: A-Killer Vanilla

A - Killer Vanilla evokes the dark side of Identity, fascinating, mysterious and intriguing.  A - Killer Vanilla is a taste of bittersweet ends, the sometimes dangerous side of changeable nature.

Notes: Toffee - Vanilla - Rose - Saffron - Peruvian Balsam - Labdanum – Amber

50ml, £118


Monarch EDP is a luxurious and opulent EDP. Warm and caressing top notes including red fruits and armoise, draw the wearer into a sense of heady delight, quickly meeting with the heart notes dominated by marvellous roses. However the dry down readily surprises with an abundance of warm woody tones infused with a touch of spice. An enchanting blend of leather and patchouli; regal with a definite contemporary edge - not to be defied.

Notes: Top Notes - Bergamot - Grapefruit - Armoise - Black Tea - Red Fruit, Heart Notes- Lily of the Valley - Freesia - Rose - Jasmin - Baies Rose - Cinnamon – Cardamon, Base Notes- Leather - Oakmoss - Oud - Cedarwood - Patchouli - Labdanum - Vanilla - Tonka – Olibanum

100ml, £150


Rich earthy tones. A confident perfume full of sensual accords. There is an animal mystery to this scent that is captivating. Complex dries down to an extremely distinguished scent with an air of mystery; full of confident sexuality. It has superb longevity on the skin.

Notes: Top Notes - Sage – Basil, Heart Notes - A hint of Violet, Base Notes - Labdanum - Leather - Musk – Civet

100ml, £150


A Lab On Fire is a limited production brand shrouded in mystery and with some of the most brilliant talents in the world of perfumery as its collaborators. No one knows exactly how A Lab On Fire operates, and it is a mystery how Carlos Kusubayashi, the brand’s creative mind, conducts his business. A citizen of the world, Carlos Kusubayashi was born in São Paulo in Brazil, grew up in Japan, and now lives in Texas. He has worked in a variety of sectors: in a motor vehicle factory, as an apprentice to Master Kyoji in the field of calligraphy, and has contributed toward bringing Asian art onto the Paris art scene. He decided to launch his first essence in 2011.


With a clear aesthetical and philosophical vision, Blood Concept adds the city of Milan to its identity and seals the artistic pact with the metropolis in which it was created and which represents the pulsing heart of the brand’s edgy spirit. Blood is vital, it is sap, it is the archetype of the energy of the fragrances called Blood Concept. These parfums are intense and connote a contemporary, sexy and free lifestyle. They are capable of entering the innermost soul of each and every one of us. 


Boadicea The Victorious - tells the story of the legendary Queen Boadicea wife of King Prastagus of the Iceni tribe who lived some 2000 years ago. Britain was scarcely known to the rest of the world and the country was divided into tribes and at a time when Rome was consumed by ambition. Boadicea took to action, inspiring her tribes’ people to revolt against Roman occupation. Together they were united in their determination to avenge the Romans for the loss of their freedom. And so the legend began – through the morning mist a powerful warrior queen emerged. Exotic in her appearance with golden torques twisted around her neck and flaming red hair that fell to her knees. Boadicea quickly became an icon as she roared across the battlefield in her chariot with unflinching conviction. Boadicea the Victorious is the ultimate in luxury perfumes; each fragrance is exquisitely unique. The perfumes are of unrivalled quality, as we work with the finest perfumes in the UK to develop the most delectable fragrances. Like Queen Boadicea each perfume is distinctive, innovative and truly elegant.

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