Have you met Monsieur Big?

MEET MONSIEUR BIG. A true gentleman, a lover of bold looks, a defender of XXL lashes, Monsieur Big is the full package.

The latest Lancôme mascara brush, Monsieur Big, consists of long wavy fibres that separate every lash and coat each one with the ultra-black formula that contains a supple, hyper-malleable wax. The ultra-black colour is intensified by the porous structure of the pigments that capture and reflect light, amplifying it. The pigments are coached by a black-boosting polymer that optimises their structural distribution throughout the formula. Combining coating agents with a creamy texture makes for gentle application and comfortable, long-lasting hold.

The range also includes:

Monsieur Big Brow, a pencil that comes in 4 shades to shape and fill in eyebrows evenly. Plus, a highlighter pencil to apply along the brow bone is also available.
Monsieur Big Marker, an intense, coal-black ink liner with a slanted nib.

Available in Fenwick stores from 28th June Monsieur BIG Mascara, £21.00; Monsieur BIG Brow, £21.00; Monsieur BIG Marker, £21.00.

Discover Lancôme's Monsieur Big range at Fenwick of Bond Street, Brent Cross, CanterburyColchester, Kingston, Newcastle, Tunbridge Wells, York.

2017 06 17 lancome

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