Healthy Eating Myths

Head Trainer at The Laboratory, Marlon, busts some myths on eating more healthy, to get you eating clean and feeling lean for a happy and healthy start to 2017.

Take a look below at some healthy eating myths we keep hearing that The Laboratory's Head Trainer Marlon helps us get to the bottom of...

Myth: Eat Grapefruit To Dissolve Fat.

Grapefruit contains a high amount of vitamin C and has only 22 calories per 100 grams. Unfortunately it does not have any fat dissolving properties.

Myth: Celery Uses More Calories To Digest, Than The Amount Of Calories Eaten.

Celery is low a low calorie food, but this statement is untrue. However it is true to say that you can eat a large amount before the calories start to mount up.

Myth: There Is A Quick Fix For Weight Loss.

Any diet that claims quick weight loss will only provide a loss in water. This will soon be regained. With some rapid weight loss programs you are also more likely to loose muscle tissue rather than fat. Most of the time you regain weight as fast as you lost it!

Myth: Eating Late At Night Makes You Fat.

Our bodies are sophisticated machines which can balance out our energy requirements over a week or even a month. It doesn’t matter when you eat in a day, it’s total calories that counts.

Myth: All Fats are Bad.

Some vitamins such as A and D, are best absorbed when eaten with fat. We also need essential fatty acids from our diet because the body is unable to make them. Saturated fats may be unhealthy, however not all fats are created equal. The ‘good’ fats our bodies need are found in avocados, nuts, olive oil and oily fish such as mackerel and sardines.

Myth: Health Foods are Slimming.

Many ‘Health Foods’ have more fat and calories than ordinary food. E.g. a muesli bar can be just as bad for you, and contain far more calories and more importantly additives and artificial flavourings, than a chocolate bar.

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