Introducing CASHMINK®

CASHMINK® is the quality brand from FRAAS, creating beautiful scarves that protect the health and environment.

Named for it's qualities (as soft as cashmere and as shiny as mink), the sustainable fabric used for Cashmink®'s designs is manufactured, from yarn to fringes, all in Germany.

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Find out more about the brand below:

September 1985 in Germany, a small group of experts discovered a scarf from the oldest part of the sample archive; a material sample from 1949/1950. The plush, silky material was incredibly fascinating. The most important fibre found was cellulose wool, which has not been used in 35 years within the company's production.

The in-house product development, weaving mill and finishing department, as well as external fibre manufacturers, spinning mills and dyeing mills joined their mission until vast amount of tests and experiments finally yielded success. The result was years of experience, high-tech, patented manufacturing and finishing procedures - our Cashmink®. A scarf made from the synthetic Cashmink® fibres is superior to any natural fibre for warmth and softness (the fibres are even 20% finer than cashmere).

Cashmink® offers the best climate comfort, the material is hypoallergenic even to the most sensitive skin and it is water repellent. All Cashmink® accessories are Oeko-Tex® standard, 100% certified and are manufactured to German quality standards. It has always been part of the philosophy to manufacture in a way that protects health and the environment. Thanks to the innovative manufacturing technologies, it's possible to produce our Cashmink® with a variety of designs and in an assortment of colours. The soft, silky material makes every colour seem even more brilliant.

The 100 million sold Cashmink® scarves tell their own story - lined up in a row they would reach four and a half times around the globe.

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