Introducing The Snaffling Pig Co

Introducing The Snaffling Pig Co - new to Food & Champagne, Lower Ground Floor.

We caught up with Kingston resident Andy Allen of The Snaffling Pig Co, to find out all about the brand, his favourite pork scratching flavour and THAT recent TV appearance...

SP Nick Andy Only

Q: What’s Snaffling Pig (SP) and where did it begin?
A: Snaffling Pig is our porky venture! We set out to take the humble (but awesome) pork crackling to places it had never been before using interesting flavours and formats.

It was a bet that Nick (my business partner) had with the partner in his other business.They wanted to see who could build a business with £500. Nick and I then got our heads together and SP was born! At the start it was very much a passion project; there’s something great about taking something you love and turbo-charging it. It’s still something we love, but now it’s also the day job!

Q: Tell us about the time you appeared on BBC's 'Dragon’s Den'…
A: It was an amazing experience, if a slightly odd one! The Den is totally ‘real’ in terms of the business element. The Dragons know nothing about you in advance, and there are no retakes or direction from the crew. It’s literally a case of the doors opening and then it’s up to you to impress.

It's also about making good TV, so you really are in the hands of the edit; we were in there for over an hour and that then becomes 15 mins max on TV! We didn’t get a preview so it was surreal (and a bit cringeworthy) watching it back with everyone, but we were delighted with the overall outcome. Having Nick Jenkins on board is a piggin’ dream.

Q: How have things changed for the company since the TV appearance?
A: The biggest thing is the amount of awareness and interest from fellow porky snack lovers; we’ve suddenly got a much bigger audience to talk to, which is so exciting. We’ve always believed we had a great product but it’s so much nicer when other people tell you they think the same.

Q: What’s your favourite pork scratching flavour and why?
A: Probably fennel; it’s not the most common of flavours, but pork and fennel as a combo is a gift from the porky gods. It was also one of our Great Taste Award winners along with Black Pepper and our Perfectly Salted.

Q: What’s next for the company?
A: We’ve just launched a beer, which is a lovely addition to the range and we’ll continue to look at interesting flavours. There are a few things we’ve got up our sleeves! Pork scratching/crackling type products are also loved all over the world, so we’d love our version to fly the flag further afield.

Sample the pork scratchings on Saturday 3 September and see the full range from The Snaffling Pig Co on the Lower Ground Floor.

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