Jimmy Choo's new ILLICIT fragrance

Jimmy Choo’s new ILLICIT fragrance

Awaken your senses with Jimmy’s Choo latest scent

Sweet, smooth and sophisticated, Jimmy Choo’s latest parfum offering, ILLICIT, does not disappoint. Its blend incorporates provocative top notes of ginger and bitter orange with rose and jasmine at the heart, before it dries on the skin to reveal punchy honey-amber bottom tones. Throw in additional underlying notes of sandalwood for a hint of richness, and you have a gorgeous mix of aromas that will please the senses.

If that’s not enough, ILLICIT’s beautiful bottle will make you want to get your hands on it. Stored in an intricate and multi-faceted crystal bottle, ILLICIT’s packaging is reminiscent of art deco crystal glass tumblers. Raised rivets surrounding the base allow the golden liquid to sparkle, making it the perfect product to adorn not just your skin, but your dressing table too.


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