Kiss The Moon- Sleep Beautifully

Kiss the Moon – the premium sleep brand specialising in 100% natural night-time beauty and wellness products, specifically created to encourage a good night’s rest and nourish your skin and your soul while you sleep.

21st century life makes it increasingly difficult to switch off and prepare for the good night’s rest our body needs. So, it’s not surprising that over a third of the UK population (and twice as many women than men) suffer from poor quality of sleep on a regular basis. Poor quality sleep has been proven to affect our long-term health as well as having a negative impact on how well we feel and look. While lots of attention is paid looking after ourselves during the day, Kiss the Moon is the first brand to focus on night time well-being – providing products that are specially designed to help you get more out of a night’s rest by helping
you get to sleep and nourishing your skin overnight

The Kiss the Moon range of After Dark products have been created from nature’s most soothing ingredients, combined with a handcrafted blend of essential flower essences- each one chosen for their power to relax, nourish and restore.

Shop the range now in Bath & Body on 3.


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