Maison Margiela Paris Replica Eau de Parfum

Discover Replica Eau de Parfum from Maison Margiela Paris in store at Fenwick Tunbridge Wells.

Introducing Maison Margiela Paris' much acclaimed Replica Eau de Parfum. Maison Margiela is a French fashion house founded in Paris in 1988 by Belgian designer Martin Margiela. The bestselling fragrance collection from the brand - Replica - is a collection of fragrances designed to instantly evoke memories of images, impressions and emotions. We took a closer look at our four favourite scents below.

Find Maison Margiela Paris in the Beauty Hall at Fenwick Tunbridge Wells.


Be seduced by the road less travelled: enter the mirage and perhaps you will find an extra-terrestrial oasis. Fruits and flowers bloom amongst the dunes, thriving in the dry heat and the endless expanses of desert. As night falls on the caravan trail, merchants tell dangerous tales of the Silk route - their words shrouded in mystery and darkness.


The spirits of nature belong to some of mankind’s oldest mythologies. Does the forest have a soul: a dryad skipping through the trees, perhaps? An invisible presence vibrating in the very peripheries of our human awareness? Shapeless, silent, and untouchable, the soul of the forest sings a soft melody of tree song, tasting of the sweet sap of the gods.


What else but the impossible? The human desire to fly remains definitively out of reach: an ultimate high that thrill-seekers everywhere aim to capture for a split second of ecstasy. It is a blast of icy fresh air, like Icarus - too close to the sun. Dare to escape gravity (from hot air balloon to hang glider) and embark on an epic adventure in the sky.


Imagine the defiance: a lone dancer robed in white swirls gracefully across the dark side of the moon beneath a spotlight, their ethereal moves casting pale shadows on the lunar landscape. In one hand a bouquet of opalescent white flowers shines with a mineral glow.

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