New and Exclusive in Kingston - Escentric Molecule

Escentric Molecule- sweeping the globe with its pheromolic effect.

Developed by Geza Schoen, a rising star in the perfume world, the Molecule range has been developed to mix with your natural pheromones to create a scent that is individual to the wearer. It is an innovative, unique and unconventional brand that has broken all the rules of classic perfumery and we are very excited to offer it in store as a Kingston Exclusive.

The Science Bit
Escentric Molecules owes its existence to an aroma-molecule that does not exist in nature. Iso E Super was created in 1973 and remained relatively unknown outside the world of perfumery until the launch of Escentric Molecule. Its elusive presence hovers relatively low in the background of many fragrances for men and women. Brought to the forefront by Schoen, it is prized for its velvety, cocooning effect.

Our Top Picks
Molecule 01- This scent is a particular favourite that delivers the unique fragrance with a purse friendly price tag. It has a subtle and fresh aroma that really lasts and like the other fragrances in the range it will react with your own pheromones to create a bespoke scent that is completely personal to you.

Molecule O3- An elegant and refined scent, it offers a woody, slightly grassy character. It is similar to Vetiver but smoother, described by Schoen as “A more pronounced bitter fresh top note”.

Intelligence and Fantasy by The Beautiful Mind Series- Released in 2010, this scent is dedicated to the grandeur and limitless abilities of the human mind. We love it because of the floral, woody scent it offers. 

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