NEW Kreafunk

KREAFUNK is bringing you the best of creativity and functionality combined. Do you know what that sounds like? You will – when you enter the groovy world of KREAFUNK.

KREAFUNK is a passionate Danish design dou dedicated to bridging the gap between creativity and funkcionality throught quality design with an urban vibe.

Accessories are more than just earrings and clutches. They are personal statements that show the world who you are and what you like. aHead are wireless headphones for the person that wants to listen to music in style, and aHead are rocking along with you. aHead has a Bluetooth and headset speaker function so you can answer calls from your phone. In addition, they are easy to operate using the control panel placed on one of the ears. This allows you to change tunes, turn the volume up or down, and even answer and end calls from your phone.

aHead comes in six colours. Choose between white, black, green, dusty blue, light pink, and plum. The product is delivered in a beautiful wooden box and bag for storage.

Who doesn’t know the feeling of running out of energy at the most annoying times of the day. toCharge is your hero, when you need a shot of energy, literally. It makes sure that your smartphone, tablet, or android-phone never runs out of battery. Take it with you on the go, when travelling, at fairs, or when sitting in a train. When toCharge is fully charged, it has the capacity to charge your phone twice. With toCharge you can charge your product wherever and whenever you want to. It is a small and discreet product that fits perfectly in your handbag.

aGroove is a speaker with round edges, beautiful sound, and bold personality combined in one. aGroove is a compact and wireless, Bluetooth-speaker with a built-in battery that will make you dance all day long to cool tunes.

The wireless speaker makes it possible for you to stream music directly from the internet with a single click on your smartphone. Connect aGroove with your smartphone, and the music will flow for up to 24 hours. Compact in size, aGroove is the perfect choice to bring with you when going on a trip. USB+AUX-cable included.

aGlow with a white front, is a cool, small lightweight speaker that challenges the borders between the interior and the exterior of the home, it elegantly dissolves the home and outdoor life into one.

With aGlow you will get a powerbank, lamp, and speaker in a unified design. The product can keep power for up to 20 hours. aGlow has an incorporated dimmer so that you are in charge of regulating the lighting. It is perfect for warm summer evenings on the terrace, in the tent at festivals, or in the living room when darkness arrives. The design is simple but elegant.

Available now on Level 2.