NOVELTEA: Afternoon Tea with a Twist

Creating matchless blends of first-class botanicals and premium British spirits, NOVELTEA break the mould of common tea drinks.

Discover NOVELTEA’S distinct flavours :
The Tale of Tangier - an infusion of Moroccan green mint tea with Caribbean rum.
The Tale of Earl Grey - an infusion of Earl Grey tea with gin and botanicals to deliver a smooth, rich taste.

Exceptional, novel and sophisticated, NOVELTEA brings home the exciting flavours of the world. Hand-selected botanicals, locally produced spirits and the true art of blending create superlative taste experiences with their distinctive, smooth and manifold flavours. Serve in a glass or a teacup, ice cold or hot.

Meet the makers and sample their new drinks as part of our Meet the Artisans event. In store Friday 12th - Saturday 13th May, Thursday 18th - Saturday 20th May at Fenwick Newcastle.

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