NOVELTEA Tasting In Store

Join us on Saturday 7th October at Fenwick Bracknell to try the delicious NOVELTEA.

Many years ago breathtaking tea races shaped not only the life of Sir Charles Grey, but also the whole British tea culture of today. NOVELTEA celebrates Earl Grey tea, blended with its stronger cousin British gin. Through a unique infusion of hand-selected botanicals, The Tale of Earl Grey is smooth, distinctive, and rich in its flavours.

NOVELTEA brings home the exciting flavours of the world, bringing people together by drawing cultural bridges around the concept of tea and spirits.The alcoholic tea experience is a result of the strong legacy of tea cultures. NOVELTEA tells stories about different cultures and the most magical places on earth.

Tasting will take place between 11am and 3pm, at The Wine Shop on 2 at Fenwick Bracknell.

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