OSKA AW16 Collection

The beauty of unspoiled nature is inspiring and moving.

It reveals new ways for timeless design.

OSKA AW16 No14 1

The diversity of mountains, old rock formations, spectacular layers of stones, and the fascinating interplay of light and water are powerful sources of inspiration for fabrics, shapes, and colours.

The horizon, the atmosphere of foggy mountain ranges against the backdrop of a lake or a marble-quarry were the inspiration for the development of the collection’s colours. Soft shades of morning light and the intensive colours of ripe berries inspire warm, medium, and dark shades of red and violet which are combined with a neutral light ice-grey.

Foggy green tones of blue such as Arctic, Cascade, Fjord, and Teal, go from pastels to intensive hues. Shades of roots and ferns are reminiscent of Icelandic hillsides. Cliffs and rock formations wear neutral shades of grey.

Silhouettes that fall loosely about the body are minimalist but not severe. Rounded shapes and soft, partially asymmetrical folds play a significant role and add to its organic character. Round lines emphasize a sense of softness and of well-being.

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