Re-Greening Bracknell

In preparation for the opening of our brand new Fenwick Bracknell store on 7th September, we're taking a look back at the history of Bracknell.

It's hard to believe that Bracknell was once a tiny village with just a manor house and a pub - the Hind's Head. A significant part of Windsor Forest, it became a private hunting ground for the Royals at Windsor Castle, including Henry VII. It's green open spaces and dense woodland earned the area the name Bracknell, derived from Braccen- Heale meaning, "Bracken covered Secret Place".

The area became world renowned after another Royal, Queen Anne, saw the potential for a racecourse at Ascot, an area of open heath that appeared 'ideal for horses to gallop at full stretch'.

The town was famous for producing its 'red rubber' bricks and provided the materials for a number of landmarks of the Victorian era including the Royal Albert Hall and Westminster Cathedral.

Bracknell was designated a New Town in 1949 after the Second World War and since its completion in the 1960's hasn't undergone any significant changes...until now.

The town has reclaimed its history of green open spaces and created a relaxed pedestrian-friendly mix of shops, restaurants and a cinema, meaning this 'Bracken covered Secret Place' will not be a secret for long.

Don't forget to come and see our new Fenwick Bracknell store on 7th September.

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