Sleep Beautifully

The secret to looking young, radiant and beautiful? A good nights sleep of course.

As part of Beauty Week this May we're highlighting exactly what you need to get the best beauty sleep and feel revitalised in the morning.

Here are a few of out top picks, available now in Bath & Body on level 3.

Kiss the Moon, Love Pillow Mist, £40
Beautifully romantic with the warm floral notes of pure Rose Absolute and Ylang Ylang to relax the body and nurture the soul. Combined with the ‘it will be alright tomorrow’ essential oil, Frankincense, used for generations to ease the mind of worries and encourage restfulness

Blend Collective, Unwinding Soy Candle, £23.95
Made from a natural wax produced from raw, renewable material that is a biodegradable, clean-burning and environmentally friendly alternative to paraffin wax.
Unlike paraffin candles, soywax produces little or no soot so they don’t blacken your walls, pollute your homes, or emit many harmful particles when burning! Soywax candles also burn at a significantly slower rate and can last up to 50% longer.

Neom, Essential De-Stress Kit, £20
The Neom Essential De-stress Kit has been specially formulated to create a stress free zone with Neom's 100% natural Real Luxury fragrance. It contains the highest possible percentage of the purest possible essential oils, which not only smell wonderful but have true therapeutic benefits for the mind and bod, helping to transform the way you feel.

The unique kit includes a 3 step calming regime 1. spritz a cushion or fabric behind your head with the de-stress home mist, 2. apply the intensive stress relief treatment to the pulse points of your wrist, temples and behind your ears, 3. spritz the de-stress on the go mist above you creating a cloud and at the same time breath in through your nose for 7 seconds and out through your mouth slowly for 11 seconds.

Olverum, Bath Oil, £26
Olverum (true oil) is a unique and luxurious aromatic blend of essential oils.
With just a few drops in your bath, these carefully chosen extracts combine to help ease stress and relax tension in both mind and body, bringing you back to your complete and natural self.

Discover more about Beauty Week here.

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