Top 10 must-haves for a foodie store cupboard

Discover Fenwick Newcastle's Meet the Artisans Top 10 Must-Haves for a Foodie Store Cupboard.

Meet the Artisans has introduced us to some new store cupboard staples; take a look at our top 10 foodie must-haves from the collection.

Find these and more delicious must-haves in the Food Hall at Fenwick Newcastle.

Borderfields, Gold

A British cold pressed rapeseed oil made from specially selected seeds to create a unique blend and exceptional flavour. Pure, smooth and beaming with versatility, Borderfields Gold is a stylish edition to your kitchen.

Plan Bee, Origin Honeygar

A salad dressing and a health tonic combined. Our Origin Honeygar™ combines aged apple cider vinegar with Plan Bee’s high quality honey. It’s finding acclaim equally from leading chefs and established health food chains.

Radnor Preserves, Smokey Campfire Marmalade

Champion of Champions! This Double Gold Marmalade prize-winner won unanimous approval from the judges at the World Marmalade Awards 2015. Oak smoked water from Halen Mon, ruby red grapefruit, oranges and lemons, Demerara sugar and maple syrup combined with a chilli heat make this smoky marmalade perfect with sausages, cheese, and bacon. Campfire not compulsory!

Noveltea, The Tale of Earl Grey

Noveltea celebrates Earl Grey tea, blended with its stronger cousin British gin. Through a unique infusion of hand-selected botanicals, The Tale of Earl Grey is smooth, distinctive, and rich in flavour. Serve in a glass or a teacup, ice cold or hot.

Love Cocoa, English Mint Organic Dark Chocolate

Made in Great Britain by James Cadbury, the name of Love Cocoa’s founder is no coincidence. Sharing his ancestors’ ambition to create something "absolutely pure, therefore the best" Love Cocoa make artisan chocolate bars using only organic, fairly traded cacao.

This bar is made from Summerdown single estate English mint oil, subtly blended with Love Cocoa’s 70% cacao dark chocolate from Nacional in Ecuador. Elegance personified.

Puckett’s Pickles, Beetroot and Orange Chutney

Puckett’s Pickles are wholesomely natural, gloriously colourful and joyfully British. Homemade in York by foodie Sarah Puckett, these delightful pickles are made from seasonal produce, fresh herbs and rich whole spices. No added extras or preservatives, just a secret soupçon of granny’s know-how. This surprising combination of beetroot and orange makes for a delightfully different chutney.

Blighty Biltong, Welsh Wagyu Chimichurri Biltong

Blighty Biltong’s Chimichurri blend has subtle notes of garlic and is packed to the rafters with scrumptious herbs. The flavour goes way back to 1783 and has both Spanish and Argentinian influences. To create their British fusion, grass and ale-fed Welsh Wagyu beef is air-cured to the point of absolute precision. Combined with red wine vinegar and an incredible spice blend, the biltong is then sliced to produce the fantastic melt-in-the-mouth beef delicacy.

Chocolates by James Close and Maria Guseva, Buddha

‘Buddha’ is part of a limited edition collection of ‘Chocolates with Attitude’ created by two Michelin star chef James Close, the man behind the acclaimed The Raby Hunt Restaurant in County Durham, and fellow chef Maria Guseva. The ‘Buddha’ is a unique combination of white chocolate, pine nut, Gianduja, crispy Dacquoise and smoked Maldon salt.

The collection is available exclusively at Fenwick until 21 May, while stocks last – only 1000 pieces have been made.

No.1 Rosemary Water

In the peaceful coastal hamlet of Acciaroli, villagers enjoy the good life – and they enjoy it for a while longer than the rest of us. When scientists visited Acciaroli, they identified one potentially crucial variable: the villagers ate rosemary, and a lot of it.

After a visit to Acciaroli, David Spencer-Percival, founder of No.1 Rosemary Water, became fascinated by rosemary and its well-documented benefits: it has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic properties. So much so, he decided to create a refreshing, luxurious still or sparkling beverage from the essential properties of the plant – retaining the health benefits and the distinct Mediterranean flavour.

The Garlic Farm, Loose Smoked Garlic

A family business on the Isle of Wight, The Garlic Farm began when Granny Norah planted the first few cloves in her garden over 50 years ago. Smoked Garlic is partially cooked; expect it to keep 4-6 weeks from date of purchase. Simply outstanding when stuffed inside a roast chicken and slow cooked.

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