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Join us on Friday 10th March from 11am - 4pm as internationally renown cake designer & trainer, Penelope d'Arcy Graham, will be decorating a cake live in-store.

Plus, enjoy 20% of all Wilton products from the 10th - 12th March.

Penelope has found success by working creatively across the globe, teaching others the art of sugar artistry and producing amazing cakes for the likes of Harrods, London Zoo and St Paul's Cathedral and many more.

Discover Wilton in Cookware, Level 1 at Fenwick Brent Cross.

Take a look at our quick Q&A with Penelope:

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What is the most intricate design you have created?

I've made some wedding cakes with thousands of intricate sugar flowers, and I mean thousands which have all been hand painted. By the end you cannot even see straight. But cake decorating is so addictive you just can't wait to start the next cake?

What is your favourite thing to bake?

I love to experiment which allows me to develop and bake new recipes for work. So my favorite things to bake are always changing. My husband is always the guinea pig and he wishes I would just make him chocolate cookies and stop giving him 'random' experimental bakes.

Any tips for people starting out cake decorating?

The Wilton Method of Cake Decorating Courses are a fantastic way to start. Everything is taught so clearly along with excellent tools and course materials that support it which makes everything so easy to achieve with great results from the start.
But I think the best tip for anyone starting out is to just have fun.

What is your signature decoration?

I'm obsessed with making sugar flowers, and could quite happily sit for days on end making pretty blossoms. So I guess most cakes I make end up having a flower on it somewhere. Of course I have to resist if I'm making something like a 'spider-man' cake.

How long does it take you to decorate a typical wedding cake?

I've worked on some cakes that have taken weeks to make, but they have been pretty big cakes. I usually start to prepare for a wedding cake a few days in advance, so depending on decoration, a typical cake will take a few hours a day over a week.

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