Whitewall Galleries

Whitewall Galleries on the Second Floor presents an inspirational collection of original paintings and canvas editions from artists such as Doug Hyde, Sherree Valentine Daines, Henderson Cisz and Fabian Perez. Join us for a glass of champagne in our relaxed yet elegant surroundings, with expert and friendly advice close at hand - all these elements combine to create the unique Whitewall Galleries atmosphere. Whitewall Galleries also offer a wide range of services including consultations, home approvals, artist commissioning, gift vouchers, wedding gift list service and corporate services. The gallery has an exciting programme of events that runs throughout the year. Register with the gallery to receive invitations to celebrity artist appearances, exhibitions, champagne receptions, private views and launch parties. Visit the Whitewall Galleries website.

WhiteWall Galleries

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Telephone: 020 8974 5355

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.whitewallgalleries.com