Since the business was founded by Monika Linton in 1988, Brindisa’s mission has been to bring the best Spanish gastronomy to the UK.


Now, over a quarter of a century later, they not only provide hundreds of products to many of the country’s finest restaurants, delis and food halls, they also have their own retail outlets, a number of eateries in London and Barcelona and immensely well-received ‘ham schools’. Step into the world of Brindisa with us as we discover a taste of Spain with James Robinson, Brindisa’s ham & charcuterie specialist.

What inspired Monika to begin the Brindisa journey?

Time spent working as a teacher in Catalonia whilst completing her degree in Spanish. At the beginning of the 1980’s Spain’s culinary reputation mostly came from the feedback of tourists holidaying on the Costa del Sol and so it was pretty terrible. During her time in Catalonia, Monika discovered some wonderful foods from dedicated and skilful producers and decided she wanted to introduce many of these to the UK.

Where did the name ‘Brindisa’ come from?

From the Spanish verb “brindar” meaning to offer: “Hacer un brindis” translates as, “to make a toast”, “to raise a glass”, hence Brindisa.

Which Spanish foods are trending at the moment?

Fresh ibérico meat is proving to be highly successful and is available in many of the best restaurants around the country; it is moist, rich and succulent and often cooked pink. 

Is there a dream meat or cheese that is notoriously difficult to get hold of that you would love to provide to Spanish food lovers?

Spain produces many amazing cheeses, often in tiny dairies, and these can be very difficult to bring to the UK due to delicacy, price or lack of availability. We are working on our logistics and storage capabilities to try and make sure we can bring some of these wonderful products here.

We understand that you have a state of the art warehouse and distribution centre. How has technology impacted on the business in recent years?

In many areas of the business, including logistics, storage, food safety, sales and marketing: there is virtually no area of our business in which technology does not have a major impact. The least affected sector is probably the actual production of artisan products, and even here there are constant changes and innovation.

We love your recipe ideas, how do the Brindisa team come up with new dishes to try out?

It varies, sometimes it may be something that one of the Brindisa staff comes up with, it may be a suggestion from a supplier or we may get ideas from our chefs at the BTK restaurants.

What is your favourite Spanish delicacy?

Acorn fed ibérico ham; a unique product with an astonishing flavour that is part of a historical tradition that goes back thousands of years.