Godiva: 90 Years of Craftsmanship

World-renowned Godiva Chocolatier invite you to celebrate 90 years of craftsmanship with their new Gold Anniversary Collection of exquisite chocolates.

We caught up with Godiva Chocolatier Jean Apostolou to find out about Godiva’s history of chocolate making, how to create an irresistible new chocolate and the story behind the celebratory anniversary range. It would be rude not to help them celebrate…

Godiva 90 Years Branding edited

Happy 90th Birthday! How did the incredible Godiva story begin?

Thank you! Godiva’s heritage dates back to 1926, when our founding chocolatier Pierre Draps started making traditional Belgian pralines for the luxury department stores of Brussels. Soon, the whole Draps family were involved in the making, packing and delivering of these pralines from their Atelier in their Brussels home. Pierre Draps decided to name his company Godiva after being inspired by the passion, boldness and generosity of Lady Godiva from the old English legend. 

After the opening of our Brussels flagship store on the Grand Place, which is still there today, it soon became clear that Godiva’s Belgian chocolates would be appreciated around the world. Godiva chocolate is now enjoyed in over 150 countries. 

What makes Godiva so special?

Godiva has 90 years of chocolate-making expertise to draw from. We’re proud to follow in the footsteps of Pierre Draps, and keep his legendary craft alive today, including many of his original recipes. For example, we still make all of our own praline in-house in Brussels to Pierre Draps’ original 90-year old recipe.

From a chocolatier’s perspective, what is your favourite go-to Godiva chocolate?

My all-time favourite Godiva chocolate is the Corail, because this chocolate delivers nice contrasts in term of sensations on the palate.

It’s a delicate dark chocolate which encases a delicious coconut fresh cream filling with a hint of Rum, some iconic Godiva hazelnut praline and finally the “cherry on top” - an almond buttery Nougatine square.

The chocolatiers at Godiva are always coming up with new recipes and new collections, what’s the secret to being continuously innovative?

As Godiva evolves, we are all influenced by trends in gastronomy, different cultures across the globe, and consumer expectations, adding fresh excitement to the classic Godiva chocolate experience. As chocolatiers, we also bring our own personal inspirations to the table. I’ve made several pieces inspired by my childhood in Greece, for example.

What is the story behind the new Godiva anniversary collection?

The Gold Anniversary Collection contains eight of our most precious and iconic chocolates from the past 90 years. Each has its own wonderful story to tell. For example, ‘Signature’ was created in 1939 for the premiere of Gone with the Wind. The hand-piped chocolate leaf is inspired by Scarlett O’Hara’s bonnet. ‘Ecusson’ from 1968, was created to commemorate the year we received the Belgian royal warrant.

These eight pieces sit alongside a brand new fresh and fragrant rose and raspberry-flavoured piece, Egerie Noir, which I created to celebrate this anniversary. It’s a sumptuous contrast of fresh, sweet raspberry and soft, fragrant rose. All enrobed in our finest dark chocolate.

The collection features pieces in milk, white and dark chocolate, with a variety of centres. There is something for every chocolate-lover in this box. This collection is where tradition and imagination artfully come together.