Venchi Q&A

VENCHI: The Gianduja People

Discover the world of Venchi, the best in Italian chocolate since 1878. Founded in Turin by chocolatier Silvano Venchi, the gourmet chocolate manufacturer established its beginnings in Nougatine: small sweet treats made of crushed and caramelized hazelnuts coated in dark chocolate.

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Since then, they have pushed chocolate to its limits, using it in various ways, shapes and forms to create the most divine indulgences. Through many years of passion, expertise and experimentation, Venchi has become a worldwide exponent of fine confectionery and Gianduja has become the symbol of their territory.

We caught up with the Venchi Brand Ambassador; Marco Galimberti to find out more about how they transform cocoa into an exceptional experience.


What inspired Silvano Venchi to embark upon the Venchi chocolate journey?

His passion for the chocolate and his willingness to provide customers a different chocolate experience compared to the chocolate offer at the time.

Have production methods changed much at Venchi in the last 140 years?

We consider ourselves industrialised artisans: some of the recipes still follow the same procedure as per 140 years ago. Nougatine, for example, is still made in exactly the same way. The machines we use simply allow us to produce faster and deliver on a larger scale.

What exactly is Gianduja?

Gianduja is a mixture of chocolate and hazelnuts. It was invented in Piedmont more than 150 years ago when there was a shortage in supply of cocoa beans from France, the principal cocoa importer at that time. Given the wealthy production of hazelnuts in the region, a local chocolatier decided to use it as a major component of their production.

What is it about Piedmont hazelnuts that makes them so special?

Compared to other hazelnuts, Piedmont hazelnuts are richer in vitamins and the oil has wider organoleptic complexity, so the tasting experience is greater.

We love your 'Manifesto to Chocolate Lovers', especially the part that tells us that chocolate could actually be good for us. How is this possible with products that taste so incredibly indulgent like Venchi Cuor di Cacao Creamy Spread?

The use of the natural ingredients such as dried fruits and good fats like olive oil, a highly recommended diet component, benefit our bodies on a daily basis. To give an example, olive oil can help to reduce blood pressure if correctly portioned, and our Dark Ecuador Organic Chocolate contains around 5 times the antioxidants of a glass of wine. Plus, cocoa contains lot of seratonin, the well known ‘happiness hormone‘, so is there really a reason not to eat chocolate?

What sets Venchi chocolate apart from other gourmet chocolate brands?

Reliability and no compromise on the quality of the raw materials we use. The price you pay for Venchi is not for the packaging but for the product inside it. Our aim is to provide customers with a true and authentic chocolate experience. We take the best ingredients from the best places and we will always continue to do so.

Thanks to Venchi, the Fenwick Food Hall now plays host to the finest, most decadent 'pick and mix' we have ever seen. What is your favourite go-to Venchi chocolate?

Can I pick two? Cremino and Cremino Pistachio!

The Venchi range is available now in the Food Hall.