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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a family-owned business, we at Fenwick believe that all organisations need to do their bit to contribute to tackling climate change and other major environmental and social issues.

In September 2023, we introduced our Quiet No More campaign, all about speaking up and making a statement. Alongside this, we have been reviewing our processes to reduce the negative impacts of our industry, and developing initiatives to support our colleagues, customers, communities and the planet.

We are focusing on three key areas: Carbon, Waste and Equality. This work pulls together and builds on a line of ethical and responsible business initiatives across our stores. 


We will have a full value chain goal of net zero by 2050. Our efforts towards this commitment include a range of actions such as the widespread adoption of LED lighting and supporting charities that care for our planet, including:

The Tree Council

Fenwick is a proud partner of The Tree Council, who bring people together with a shared mission to care for trees and our planet’s future. The Tree Council harness the energy, enthusiasm and expertise of communities to plant, care for and protect trees and make a lasting impact on our world.

So far in 2022 and 2023 we joined the team to help plant and care for trees in Hampshire - this included helping plant a mini-forest using an innovative ecological technique that enables a forest environment to grow up to ten times faster than normal!

Charity Super.Mkt

Charity Super.Mkt is positioned as the ‘department store for second-hand style’, which was launched in 2023 by Maria Chenoweth and Wayne Hemingway. Fenwick partnered with Charity Super.Mkt in February to host a unique retail experience for guests looking for quality, affordable products. The pop-up featured fashion pieces curated by five charity partners with all proceeds generated from the duration of the pop-up going to the charities involved: British Heart Foundation, Shelter, Shaw Trust, Havens Hospices and Traid.

As well as supporting deserving charities and preventing clothing going to landfill, the 2 week pop-up provided great environmental benefit:

  • 1.35 tonnes of weight saved from landfill
  • 2,153.44 m3 of water saved - enough to fill 1 Olympic sized swimming pool!
  • 12.11 tonnes CO2 diverted - the same as travelling around the world 1.8 times or planting 40 trees!

We will help accelerate the move to a low-waste society. Some of our key partners and services helping minimise waste include:


We’ve teamed up with Thrift+ to make it easy to sell and recirculate your pre-loved clothes.

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The Handbag Clinic

Breathe new life into your old favourites with Handbag Clinic's luxury restoration services or invest in a pre-loved designer classic to enjoy a more sustainable approach to fashion.

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Fenwick Forever Bag

Practical and most importantly sustainable. The Fenwick Forever Bag is simply a must for any frequent Fenwick shopper. Offering a plastic-free shopping alternative with a Fenwick twist, it is ideal for everyday essentials and is the perfect companion for exploring our Food Hall and Wine Rooms.

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We will make deliberate choices in the products and services we offer, and in how we do business, that will enable people to thrive​. Fenwick is proud to partner with a range of charities to address key social issues. Some of our charity partners include:

The Prince’s Trust

The Prince’s Trust believe that every young person should have the chance to succeed, no matter their background or the challenges they are facing. They help young people from disadvantaged communities and those facing the greatest adversity by supporting them to build the confidence and skills to live, learn and earn.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we are continuing our work with The Prince’s Trust to support the #ChangeAGirlsLife campaign, which raises vital funds to help young women all over the UK build the confidence and skills they need to move into work, education or training, or to start their own business. From the 4 – 10 March 2024, Fenwick will donate £1 of all online sales in support of the #ChangeAGirlsLife campaign, helping to transform the lives of young people. The funds raised for the #ChangeAGirlsLife campaign will enable The Prince’s Trust to support more young women to change their lives for the better.

The Prince’s Trust is a registered charity in England and Wales (1079675) and Scotland (SC041198). To find out more visit Change a Girl's Life.

Street Zero

Street Zero is a not-for-profit partnership between the public sector, businesses, charities, and community organisations – all working together to create change and provide the support needed to end homelessness in Newcastle.

As a business that makes up a large part of the community in Newcastle, Street Zero’s mission resonates with us at Fenwick, and we are proud to have been supporting their cause since 2018, to help their mission to end homelessness.

Street Zero start with the foundation of a home and build from that to promote wellbeing. This includes people having dedicated support workers, specialist GP and health services and a range of services that seek to provide Psychologically Informed Environments.

Last year, Street Zero partners prevented 4,569 cases of homelessness. They also provided 1,363 accommodation placements to people at risk of homelessness and ensured low levels of households in temporary accommodation. In March 2023, the Government published data showing there were 9,078 children in temporary accommodation in Birmingham, 3,926 in Manchester and 52 in Newcastle.