How to make the most of your YSL Touche Eclat

It is nearly a quarter of a century since YSL created its instant beauty sleep in a click. Today, every ten seconds someone invests in its power to neutralise and freshen under the eyes, smooth out lines and bring out a more luminous you. 

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With the launch of the limited edition Rock Lace Touche Eclat - complete with elegant lace-effect case - we caught up with Fred Letailleur, Northern European make-up artist for YSL, to discover his tips on making the most of our precious jewel-like gold pens.

1. Think of it as an illuminator rather than a concealer

The skin around the eye is three-times finer than on the rest of the face so you need a formula that is refined and will offer a degree of luminosity to erase the signs of fatigue, rather than simply masking the skin as you would with a concealer.

2. Never click and apply

Always apply the Touche Eclat to the back of your hand first and slowly build up the texture with a foundation brush to avoid excess brightening [the white circles you see under the eyes in photographs]. Although I must say, I have been working with YSL for years, making up models to shoot under very bright lights, and I’ve never had any problems with excess brightening.


3. Don’t worry about finding the perfect colour match

Unlike concealer where you do need to colour match to your skin, with Touche Eclat it all depends on the degree of luminosity you want to create. There are eight shades to choose from but usually you will find three that will work on your skin - as a general rule look for a shade a touch lighter than your skin tone. 

4. Layer shades for different effects

For the campaign we used No.2.5 on Cara Delevingne under the eye as we wanted a more natural tone-on-tone finish and she has an undertone that is slightly warm and golden. No. 3 works as a great colour corrector if you have blue or red tones around the eye, then you can apply No.1 on top to add luminosity. To contour, No.5 works well beneath the cheekbones and on darker skins, I have used that previously on campaigns with Jourdan Dunn.

1. Blend

yslgal1Blend the Touche Eclat under your eyes to cover dark circles and in the eye creases to diminish fine lines.

2. Sweep

yslgal2Sweep Touche Eclat along the top of the cheek bones and along the brow bones as well as between the eyes to highlight and draw people into your eyes.

3. Shade

yslgal3Use a darker shade of Touche Eclat below the cheek bones to contour and add definition to your face. Apply shade no.1 to smile lines to diminish fine lines.

4. Highlight

yslgal4Highlight the bridge of your nose to add radiance to your face.

5. Blend

yslgal6Blend the Touche Eclat around the nostrils to brighten the complexion

6. Trace

yslgal7Highlight the mouth area with shade No.1. Trace around the lips with Touche Eclat for an instant plumping effect.

Watch Ruth Crilly from the beauty blog, A Model Recommends, showing new ways to apply YSL Touche Eclat:

By Claire Brayford