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Be sure to avoid any last-minute make-up disasters and get prepped for summer events with these three fool-proof beauty looks we'll be sporting with every statement outfit.
When it comes to getting spruced up for summer events, the focus tends to be on piecing together your outfit. Once you've got the [dress](, the [bag]( and the [accessories]( sorted, beauty is sometimes regrettably a wistful after thought. One that leaves you panicking on the morning of, rummaging frantically through your make-up bag for a complementary lipstick, accetable [vibrant eyeshadow]( or that [navy eyeliner]( you thought you bought a few seasons ago, and were sure you saw somewhere the other day... sound familiar? Supposing your calendar is filled with one or two weddings, art exhibitions or even a festival, we're here to help get your [make-up]( prepped, so you can avoid any last-minute beauty disasters (we've all been there). Inspired by the alluring beauty that filled the spring/summer runways, we'll be sporting these three super-easy looks that'll go with even the boldest of outfits. After all, you might as well pull out all the stops! Plus, we've curated the perfect products so you can create them at home. Brushes at the ready!
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#### For Festivals: Shimmer & Shine We're sure you'll agree, there's only one way to attend a festival: glamping in a well-facilitated tipi or similarly civilized abode, situated a safe distance from all the mud, madness and revellors. But there is one thing a festival simply wouldn't be complete without, glitter. And lots of it. Before you turn and run, we're not talking the scratchy kind you'll find in your local craft shop, but grown-up glitter, to help you shimmer gracefully under the sun. The kind of glitter that's swept across the [eyes](, [cheekbones]( and [lips]( or sprinkled over your [hair]( after a spritz of hairspray, for a shimmering swish. Don't forget to prep your skin with the [perfect base](, to make sure your glitter stands out shining! ##### Get the look:
#### For Weddings: Fresh Faced & Barely-there Summer weddings call for bold, colourful outfits to make a statement in front of your friends. And, when your outfit's doing all the talking, there's ample permission to keep your beauty looking simple. Like a gift from the gods, fresh-faced polished skin is all the rage this season. So all you need is a lustrous [lightweight tinted moisturiser](, [concealer]( for touch-ups and a [setting powder]( to help your look stay put all the way from the ceremony to the dance floor, and through to the carriages at the end of the night. Finish with a swoosh of [nude lip gloss](, and a slick of [mascara]( to make your eyes and lips pop. ##### Get the look:
#### For Garden Parties, Galas and Exhibitions: Pastel Pop For a garden party or exhibition, there's opportunity to brave a look with a little extra pizzazz. Don't panic! Nothing too drastic, just a splash of colour to add a certain _je ne sais quoi_ to your look. This spring, pastel is the trend that just keeps on giving. With sweet shop worthy shades popping up across [fashion](, [accessories](, [interiors](, and now [beauty]( Such bold colours can be overwhelming, so the best way to avoid a pastel faux-pas? Opt for either a flick of [liner]( to the lid, touch of peach on the apples of your [cheeks]( or an elegant statement [lip]( But not all three, (trust us). ##### Get the look:
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