Freyja Barker
A natural, flawless overall radiance is the perfect look for the summer. In the first of our monthly series, we speak to Fenwick’s expert make-up artist, Frey-ja Barker about her top tips and tricks for achieving the glow.
Summer is the perfect season for embracing a natural-looking glow, and after the dreary grey winter, we want to feel like the sun- bright and full of joy. The universally-flattering look is all about creating angelic radiance, which makes it especially great for anyone with slightly dry or mature skin. In the first of our monthly series, we speak to Fenwick’s expert make-up artist and beauty personal shopper Frey-ja Barker- who’s been making up faces for over 17 years- about her top tips and tricks for attaining a subtle summery glow and how to maintain the look during sweltering temperatures.

When it comes to glowing skin, there are a few points Frey-ja says to keep in mind. To begin, think about what you want to glow and pinpoint different areas. “If you have glowing skin, glowing eyes, glowing body, you might overdo the look, so I would choose areas that actually want to be your highlighted feature,” For those struggling with application, apply the product to the back of your hand then dip the brush into the product. Start with a little bit because you can always build up. “With the application, it's good to take a break and step away from the mirror,” she says. “As you're getting ready take a break and look back at your face with fresh eyes.”

A good tip for taking your make-up up a notch for events is to add a pop of colour to the face. “Have a look at your lips, upgrading your lipstick and lip gloss for an evening can suddenly transform your look from day to evening,” Frey-ja divulges.

##### What would you recommend as a starting point for glowing skin? FB: “A primer! I would suggest [Charlotte Tilbury's Wonderglow]( as a great base**.** It comes in two formulas and has CC technology, so it helps to calm the skin. If you feel like you need more coverage, look to [Laura Mercier’s Flawless Lumière Radiance-Perfecting Foundation]( It’s something I’ve been wearing a lot as I have combination skin, and it goes on beautifully. If you want a light finish, use a tiny amount and dab it on your face and smudge it through. The more you apply, the more you will build coverage. It's light and it gives the skin that glow without being too shiny. If you want less coverage than the Laura Mercier, but a bit more than a primer then look to [Tom Ford's Soleil Glow Tone Up Foundation Cushion Compact]( This is great for people who are on the go as it has sponge technology. It's also contains SPF 40, so if you want to touch up your make=up later in the day, it's travel friendly and has high sun factor in it.” ##### How do you prevent glowy make-up from appearing sweaty or sliding off the face? FB: “Powder is essential in stopping your make-up appearing sweaty in the summer heat and it stops products from sliding off your face. However, it doesn't mean it has to be flat or matte. A lot of powders now are constructed like icing sugar and are really light, airy and silky, compared to flour which is chunky and flat. I would suggest applying [Tom Ford's Transluscent Finishing Powder]( or [Charlotte Tilbury's Genius Loose Powder]( after foundation to ensure your make-up stays put.” ##### What parts of the face and body are great to highlight and enhance? FB: "Cheekbones are always a fantastic place to add the glow. To really make them pop, introduce a tiny bit of contour, so anything that has a bronzer and a highlighter in it is perfect. The [Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Palette]( actually has 4 shades within the palette, which includes a matte bronzer with no sheen. Take the bronzer underneath your cheekbones, and then using the highlighter within the palette, dust it over the top. I would also highlight the top of the lips, which is great for anyone with a cupid's bow or a slightly thinner top lip. Do a little dusting of highlighter over the top of the lip line so it catches the light, plumping the lip up.The other place you could add a bit of glow to is the inner eye corner. That's a little trick from stage make-up, so if you're tired or had a long week, add that little bit of highlighter make-up to make your eyes look wide awake. Don’t forget applying to the collarbones and shoulders. [Tom Ford]( does a [Shimmering Body Oil]( and you don't need to use a lot because it’s incredibly hydrating and gives the skin an overall glisten. If you get hot during the day and you've got this scented body oil on, you just omit this gentle waft of summer. We have more skin on show during summer, so it's the time to reach for it. If you're wearing a white outfit, skim the areas where the clothes would be rubbing."
#### Frey-ja's Face and Body Picks
##### How do you add a glow to the eyes? FB: "With eyes, think about what formula you want, have a play and see what glow kit works for you. One option would be a cream formula. [MAC's dazzleshadows]( are a great liquid formula and when you blend it through with your finger, it has a bit of a glisten. It's not very pigmented, but feels really light on the skin and great for summer. So if you've been at work all day and going straight out, it's a small thing you can have in your handbag, sweep across the lower part of the eyelid, smudge it through and off you go The other option is a powder palette, which you might need to use a brush to apply and blend through. If you’re leaning towards a powder, [NARS' hardwired eyeshadows]( have a metallic tone so it's not glittery, but it has a sheen that catches the light. As it has that little bit of sparkle, it dresses the look up without being too intense. Liquid eyeshadows are also good as a base and help add depth to powder shadows so you could combine both for a stronger look." ##### What is the best way to add a glow onto the lips? FB: "Lip glosses are the easiest way to apply a sheeny shiny to the lips and [Laura Mercier Lip Glace]( is a very sheer gloss that gives a gentle touch of sparkle. For anyone who wants something less sparkly and more sheer, look to [Lancer Skincare's Volume Enhancing Lip Serum](**.** When you apply it, you might feel a slight tingling stimulation because it’s stimulating the blood circulation in the lips to give you a slightly fuller pout. It can be worn on its own or on top of lipsticks. If you want a bit more pigment, depth and colour, then look to [Chantecaille's Lip Sleek](**.** It’s a pump lipstick, so you don’t have twist it up and has some really vibrant fuschia and peach shades that really add colour to the face. Another to consider would be [Tom Ford's Lip Spark](**.** When you twist the lipstick up, the outside of the actual lipstick appears like it's a glittery velvet. When you apply it, the finish that you get has a little bit of sparkle and a metallic tone to it, so it catches the light and gives the lips a glow while you're talking." ##### What are your tips for those who are short on time and want to achieve a glow? FB: "Cream blushes are really great products to use because you can use it over bare skin. If you're dashing out of the door, reach for the [Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Beauty Light](**.** This comes in a wand with a sponge tip so when you need to be out in a hurry, look into a mirror, smile and dab it onto the apples of the cheek, blending upwards and you could also smear it on the lips. [Chantecaille]( also has [Anti-Ageing Liquid Lumière]( which has a wider range of shades so they are great if you want a product that's more of a highlighter and one more of a bronzer, one that’s more pigmented as well. They aren’t sticky and feel silky when they go on."
#### Frey-ja's Eyes and Lips Picks