Make-up legend Charlotte Tilbury is back at it again with a new range of lipsticks, Hot Lips 2, with each lipstick named after iconic figures. Ahead of the launch, we asked the Fenwick digital team to pick a lipstick from the range and wear it everyday for three weeks, so read on to find out our thoughts and opinions on the new collection.
Whether you own too many colours to count or just have your signature shade, [lipstick]( is a classic [make-up]( essential that can instantly transform an entire look. No one knows this better than [Charlotte Tilbury](, who’s just released [Hot Lips 2](, a new lipstick range that seeks to empower women in shades that suit all skin tones. “A lipstick can change a life because if you can change how a woman feels, you can change a community, and you change the world!” says Charlotte Tilbury. The make-up maestro, who’s products are adored by thousands of women worldwide, has created a range of 11 lipsticks, with each one named after [Charlotte’s]( own inspirational icons, which include human rights lawyer Amal Clooney in [Amazing Amal](, Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston in [Glowing Jen]( and her own mother Patsy Tilbury with [Patsy Red]( Within the range, there are three different formulas - [Matte Revolution](, [K.I.S.S.I.N.G.]( and Hot Lips Hydrating Clear Lipstick. [Matte Revolution]( is formulated with 3D glowing pigments to create an intense wash of colour, whereas [K.I.S.S.I.N.G.]( is designed to condition and gives the lips a light-reflecting glisten with lipstick tree extract. If you’re looking for sheer coverage, the Hot Lips Hydrating Clear lipstick is a balm packed with shea butter and aloe vera for a nourished feel. The new collection, which benefits Women for Women International with a £1 million pledge to the charity, also features five new designs for a truly unique statement. With all the success of [Charlotte Tilbury’s]( first [Hot Lips]( collection, we wanted to put this new range of [lipsticks]( to the test. So ahead of the launch, we asked the Fenwick digital team to pick their shade and wear it every day for three weeks. Read on to find out our thoughts on everything about the lipsticks from the application to the finish. Kisses!
[Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2, £28.00](
### Matte Revolution ###### [Amazing Amal (Amal Clooney)]( “I loved the shade Amazing Amal, it’s a subtle rosy colour that’s perfect for everyday wear. I prefer to gently blot and dab this lipstick over my lips instead of applying it from the bullet for a softer, blurred look, which was easy to maintain throughout the day.” _Louisa Seltzer, Digital Production Co-ordinator_ ###### [Viva La Vergara (Sofia Vergara)]( “This lipstick is really easy to apply and you could even put it on without a mirror. I loved the art deco packaging of the lipstick, it’s great to put in my handbag. My lips are slightly on the dry side, but this formula wasn’t drying, so even though it’s a matte lipstick, those with dry lips will find this hydrating.” _Nikki Willsher, Head of Digital Development_ ###### [Red Hot Susan (Susan Sarandon)]( “I love how easily this lipstick goes on, it’s super soft and hydrating without compromising on the pigment which is brilliant. The shade gives off a very subtle glow and lasts all morning without need for reapplication.” _Grace Malden, eCommerce Category Manager for Beauty, Accessories & Gifts_ ###### [Carina's Star (Carina Lau)]( “What I love about this coral shade is that it has a soft sheen that adds a healthy glow to any look – making it the perfect finishing touch. Also, my lipstick was named after Carina Lau, one of the biggest actresses from my hometown, so I feel a sense of pride every time I wear it out.” _Natalie Chui, Junior Editor for Womenswear & Beauty_ ###### [Patsy Red (Patsy Tilbury)]( “I’m all about a bold lip and this bright red shade is perfect for making a statement. As someone who suffers from dryness, I tend to be quite apprehensive about matte shades, but it felt completely comfortable on. I even wore it to an all-day festival and it stayed put throughout the heat and dancing.” _Victoria Nufer, Digital Copywriter_
### K.I.S.S.I.N.G. ###### [Dancefloor Princess (Kylie Minogue)]( “The Dancefloor Princess shade is perfect for me as a I only ever wear subtle lipstick and the colour lasts very well! Personally, the Matte Revolution formula has always been my favourite of the Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks because its so hydrating on the lips.” _Katie Marron, eCommerce Category Trader for Women’s Fashion_ ###### [Glowing Jen (Jennifer Aniston)]( “Glowing Jen is a lovely tawny pink that’s really easy to wear, and the K.I.S.S.I.N.G. formula is really nourishing. It’s a great handbag lipstick that you can apply any time with minimal fuss and leaves a glossy, natural finish.” _Samantha O’Neill, Head of eCommerce_ ###### [JK Magic (J.K Rowling)]( “Firstly, the colour is everything - the nude really complements my skin tone. (Finding a good nude colour can be oh so difficult at times!) The lipstick has magical (ahem, akin to J.K Rowling) lasting powers, provides deep moisture and smells divine. I’m officially a Charlotte Tilbury convert!” _Erin Fox, Digital Content Manager_ [Angel Alessandra (Alessandra Ambrosia)]( “Angel Alessandra is a lovely peachy nude shade. The lipstick needs reapplication, but its creamy texture instantly moisturises the lips.” _Megan Parker, Midweight Designer_ ###### [In Love with Olivia (Olivia Palermo)]( “The texture felt great and I found that the pigmentation was really long lasting. The colour appeared to be more neutral from the bullet, but took on an orangey tone after application.” _Tania Mundell, eCommerce Category Assistant for Accessories_ ### Hydrating Clear Lipstick ###### [Enigmatic Edward (Edward Enninful)]( “The packaging is absolutely mesmerising and it turns heads when I use it out – I love the panther design and the golden details. Investing in a good lip balm is an essential to me because I never really wear lipstick, and after using this balm, my skin felt more hydrated and it stayed on even after a few sips of my morning coffee.” _Catarina Calazans, Visual Content & Social Media Editor_
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